GRIS Visits Oshkimaadziig

The Oshkimaadziig Unity camp, located at Council Rock near Midland, in occupied Ontario is invoking Anishnabek nationhood in a direct way – setting up camps in a provincial park which happens to have been established around a traditional gathering place for the Anishnabek. This land reclamation is being coordinated by the indigenous sovereignty group ACTION – Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke Our Nationhood.  Kalin Stacy of the Grand River Media Collective speaks to Gibwinasi, a spokesperson for the camp to get a sense of the camp and an update on the goings on since our last interview.

The camp has been established with the purposes of:

  • Re-establishing clan governance, intertribal agreements and other forgotten traditional societies
  • Emancipation of illegal Canadian policies
  • Peer to peer counselling
  • Ceremonies
  • Hunting/fishing
  • On the land skills training
  • Contemporary/traditional story telling
  • Biiskabiiyang “decolonization” workshops
  • 7th  fire Anishnabek prophecy awareness

check out a video about the camp here:


a past interview here:


and the website for ACTION:

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