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For a long time, we’ve wanted our parliamentary correspondent Karl Nerenberg to do a podcast. We’re finally getting started on that process.

So, you’re going to be hearing more of Karl on Election Soundup. Love your writing, Karl. It’s a great additional dimension to hear your words in your own voice.

On this week’s show:

Are the Liberals and NDP Overdoing their Attacks on Each Other?

The Niqab — the issue of whether women should be allowed to wear a niqab during their citizenship oath remains contentious. Why this is an election issue, especially in Quebec.

Should governments run deficits? 

Will the real Anti-Harper please stand up: Mulcair or Trudeau?

The Leap Manifesto: A call for a Canada based on caring for the earth and one anotherWe at rabble.ca thought this was a great idea. So much so that we live streamed and podcasted the launch. But some people (and journalists) thought it’s not such a great thing for Thomas Mulcair. Karl explains why.




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