Militarism in Canada

Two days after their successful banner drop in support of the No One is Illegal – Status for All March in Toronto, [email protected] was a part of the opening of the Kitchener-Waterloo Peoples’ Summit (KWPS). Hosted at the KW Community Centre for Social Justice, [email protected]’s Afghan and imperial war commentator, Adam Lewis, joins Wilfrid Laurier University Professor Peter Eglin, and KW Peoples Summit Organizer, and History PhD student Luke Stewart for a discussion on militarism in Canada, torture, ongoing colonialism and resistance, and how it all fits with the G8 and G20.

Part Two of this podcast features the open question period which took place after the discussion.

The KW Peoples’ Summit is running from May 3rd to June 16th 2010 and features panel discussions, workshops, authors, music, movies, and poetry themed around the upcoming G8 and G20 summits and convergences which are taking place in Huntsville and Toronto from the 18th to the 27th of June. Working with veteran community organizers, faith, youth, and cultural leaders, academics and students, the KWPS aims to present a well rounded understanding of the impacts caused through the policies formed, and the ideologies advanced, at the undemocratic G8 and G20 leaders summits. The KWPS hopes to mobilize citizens in and around Waterloo region in the quest for social justice.

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THE KW Peoples’ Summit is endorsed or supported by the KW Anti-Torture Coalition, [email protected], KWCCSJ, WPIRG, LSPIRG and the Peak Magazine in Guelph.

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