Your host Meghan Murphy explores issues and debates concerning men’s role(s) in feminism with guests, Shira Tarrant, PhD and Ernesto Aguilar, founder of People of Color Organize!

Within the feminist movement, the issue of how men can support or ally with feminists as well as the question of whether or not men can, in fact, be feminists at all, has come up often. We explore these questions and, within that, take a critical look at some issues and concerns that have come up around male feminist Hugo Schwyzer

Hugo has been a contested figure within the feminist community online as a result, primarily, of his checkered past. We take a look at, not only Hugo’s controversial role in feminism, but also what has happened within the feminist community and some questions that have come up as a result of the debate that has ensued.

Shira Tarrant is an Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at California State University. She is a nationally recognized expert on gender politics, pop culture, and masculinity and has authored several books, including:  Men and Feminism, When Sex Became Gender, and Men Speak Out: Views on Gender, Sex and Power.

Ernesto Aguilar is a Texas based, community organizer. He is the founder of People of Color Organize!

Both Ernesto’s and Shira’s interviews have been generously transcribed by Ernesto and posted at People of Color Organize.

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