Pride Toronto held a press conference Tuesday to announce that the term ‘Israeli Apartheid’ would not be allowed in the Parade. In defiance of the ban, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) showed up at the press conference and submitted their application to march in the Parade. 

Listen to one on one interviews with queer activists Tim McCaskell (0:13 – 5:45), Amy Gottlieb (5:49 – 11:32) and Elle Flanders (11:35 – 17:29) followed by the press conference and question and answer session (17:30 – 39:21) and a one on one interview with former Pride organizer Zahra Dhanani (41:22 – 43:40) and speeches by free speech proponent Brad Fraser (43:41 – 44:30) and Tim McCaskell (44:35 – 47:07) and a short speech and a one on one interview with queer activist Keli Bellaire (48:08 – 49:14).

Click here to see photos from the action.

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