This podcast features an update about the murder of a community organizer in Oaxaca who had been spearheading anti-mining activities at a mine owned by Canada’s Fortuna Silver. While Australia has passed new laws which may lead to the creation of the country’s first permanent nuclear waste dump on Indigenous lands, New Zealand’s government has been cracking down on Indigenous Sovereigntists and solidarity activists — we play a piece from the @stimulator who was down south speaking to Urewera warriors targeted in “anti-terror” raids and prosecution.

We finish the show off with an interview with [email protected] friend and amazing journalist @JesseFreeston conducted by CKUT’s morning after program about his upcoming (and recently fully funded) documentary “Resistencia” ( – which looks into plantation occupations in Honduras after the 2009 coup which overthrew the democratically elected president of the country (

This is a cut from the weekly show [email protected] Radio live on CKMS-FM friday’s 16:00-18:30[email protected]

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