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Cat Boyd is a labour activist, feminist, and a leader of the Radical Independence campaign. She also co-authored the book Scottish Independence: A Feminist Response. On June 3, 2015, she spoke at a pub in Ottawa on the topic “The Scottish Left After the Referendum and the U.K. Election.” Although the referendum failed 45 per cent to 55 per cent, the movement it created has elected 56 members of the Scottish National Party to the U.K. Parliament, bringing the sell-out Labour Party down in a crashing defeat. Today, however, Scotland’s single Tory MP is the minister of state for Scotland; as in Canada, the U.K.’s Conservatives won a majority with less than 37 per cent of the popular vote.

Thanks to Solidarity Against Austerity for organizing the event, Albert Dupuis for recording and posting the video and clearing permission to broadcast, and LeftStreamed for distributing the link to WINGS. Additional clip from WriterStories TV.

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