In the first part of this show, Meghan Murphy speaks with Jackie Lynne, a member of The Aboriginal Women’s Action Network, about the way in which the City of Vancouver is approaching the issue of prostitution. Does looking at prostitution through a harm-reduction lens really “reduce harm”?

In the second half of the show, Meghan speaks with feminist journalist Julie Bindel. Julie recently participated in the making of a radio documentary about the legal brothels in Nevada. The documentary, Love for Sale: a journey to the legal brothels of Nevada, aired on BBC Leeds on November 17, 2011. Julie wrote a corresponding piece for the London Times, called: “I’m selling sex like McDonald’s sells burgers. Legally“. In it, she describes some of her experiences talking with the women, as well as some of the pimps and johns, in these brothels. Julie argues that legalization does not make prostitution safer for women. 

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