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Women know that COVID-19 is affecting us to a much greater degree than men. Women have most of the responsibility for child care and care of family members who get sick. Women work on the front lines, coming into contact with the public on a daily basis, making up a large percentage of the low wage work force. They can’t take time off to take care of their health or their family members without losing a paycheque.

Many women are not in that privileged class who can work at home either. And those who can sometimes have to work with a baby on their knee, toddlers demanding attention or older kids who are getting pretty bored being away from school and their friends.

Today’s replay is an audio recording from a webinar by the Canadian Labour Congress from May 20, 2020, about women and the effects of COVID on women’s jobs. The panelists explore how well women have done so far, what a feminist recovery — a “she-covery” could look like.

The webinar is hosted by Marie Clarke Walker, secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Labour Congress. Joining her are:

  • Vicky Smallman – the CLC’s director of women’s and human rights
  • Shalini Konanur – the executive director of the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario
  • Katherine Scott – senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

There are two websites that were mentioned in the webinar — the first one is Done Waiting, focusing on ending wage discrimination, violence against women and other issues relating to women’s equality.

And, you can also go to the CLC’s COVID resource page

Image: 5540867/Pixabay


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