The Shouting Mountain by CKUT Radio’s Seth Porcello

This documentary recorded in July of 2006 (just prior to the war on Lebanon) features audio of the people in the village of Majdal Shams shouting across the minefield (1967 cease fire line) that separates them from their relatives in Syria. This very tangible sound of a border, and occupation, serves as a point from which to tell this story. As you hear the Safhia family, who very graciously allowed me to record their conversation, you hear without interpretation what it is to go on living and coping with the reality of never being able to reunite with your family. Through their bullhorns they give voice to the border through the silence of the minefeild. Through a documentation of this border, the reality of life in the Golan comes into focus as the boundaries of land and water resources reinforce this basic structure of the occupation that begins at the shouting mountain. Listen in Stereo.

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