Friday April 27, 2012 – This Smash the State Report starts off with info on the re-opening of the abortion debate in Canada, then jumps into the Quebec student strike with a critique from Stefan Christoff of mainstream coverage, before an update of the April 28th Walk for Peace Respect and Friendship . We also introduce the discuss the Yinka-Dene alliance, their Freedom Train, and the resistance to the Northern Gateway Pipeline, look into the crackdown on Dr. Seuss in B.C., the continuing censorship of federal government environmental scientists, and the gutting of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

We then look at the the attack on Indigenous in the Amazon by loggers, the gathering of 40,000 Norwegians against fascist racism, then two stories on Canada’s increasingly racist and restrictive immigration and refugee system. The first is the story of a Mexican refugee claimant who was deported to Mexico from Canada last year and later murdered. The second is of the targetting of Roma refugee claimants from so-called “safe countries” in Europe for rejection.

Finally, we discuss the Ontario NDP saving the provincial budget by selling out the poor, federal bureaucrats living in luxury, and we finish with a tie for the “taze of the week” between the arrest of a 6 year old at school, and a search of a 4 year old at an airport for hugging her mom.

And this show finishes up with the announcement of Julian Ichim’s $4-million lawsuit against the Toronto police and others for the political policing undertaken against anti-poverty, anti-capitalist, and anti-G20 organisers, including himself. Check for more info

– Check for more information about the upcoming rally, walk and community celebration in Caledonia and @Kanonhstaton, Southern Ontario.

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