In the Friday July 13th edition of the [email protected] Radio Smash the State Report starts off with an interview from CKUT with the partner of a Montreal man who faces 7 months in prison for his participation in protest activity.  We then read part 1 of G20 prisoner Mandy Hiscocks‘ prison blog and play a report from the Dominion paper on Alex Hundert’s sentencing date.

We also report on the ongoing dissent being shown by doctors across canada as the Harper gov’t pushes forward with their cuts to refugee health programs.  We also discuss ongoing actions in support of torture survivor Mohammad Majouhb, and on a commemoration to mark 6 months since a van full of migrant workers was killed in an accident.

Alongside music from dead prez, [email protected] radio proud to present CUTV’s first music video – Noucus Matraquer by Ouanani – in support of the ongoing student strike in quebec – we also talk about an awesome website called Class War University where you can go for great ideas and amazing analysis of the neo-liberal economic battle being waged on the battlegrounds of higher education (and everywhere else).

The show then gets into some counter olympic coverage in the lead up to the 2012 london games (and the heavily shrivelled protests), then reports on the sub-par construction legacy of the 2012 vancouver olympics.  We then jump bizzaro world where so-called democratic country canada muzzels government environmental scientists while so-called authoritarian china where the 2008 olympic host has folded to the will of the masses as huge demonstrations over pollution force the chinese government to change plans.


We end the show with a piece from Rap News – the best explanation fo the Higgs-Boson yet!


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