An advance listen of a brand new CD by the excellent musical duo Teach Yourself Piano.   An evocative, exquisite blend of piano, strings, sometimes trumpet and a whole lot more, TYP’s influences range from Europe during the wars to Tom Waits. At times, you’ll feel like you’re drinking wine by the Seine enjoying all that is fine and good. At other times, you’re in a seedy dump watching people and wondering why do they do that?, because TYP presents the full slice of life in all its glory and misery.

Teach Yourself Piano is a Windsor-based duo comprised of Kevin Atkinson and Sarah Atkinson (who leaves Windsor whenever she can). Joining them is Anna Atkinson of Victoria on violin and viola. In case you’re detecting a theme here, yes, they are sisters and brother.

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Music rundown: (interspersed with commentary by Kevin and Sarah)

1. Beer Hall Lament at 1:07

2. Lemons 6:00

3. Rolling Pin Waltz (Wives) 10:16

4. Iced Coffee Man 14:08

5. Armchair 19:41

6. Kitchen Sink Lothario 24:38

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