Please support our coverage of democratic movements and become a monthly supporter of launched a book this month. Called “The Year of Living Consciously,” it features some of the best writing which has appeared on over the past year.

The Best of 2014 Edition is an anthology of analysis and commentary on the top issues and social justice movements that matter to progressives. With sections on Canadian politics, Indigenous solidarity and labour, the Best of delivers an eloquent overview of the top progressive stories that you’ve come to expect from

We’ve been doing launches in different parts of the country and we thought we’d bring one of them to you. What you’re about to hear is the Vancouver launch, which took place on June 14, at the Heartwood Cafe. Local contributors to the book came together sharing the stories of what led them to write the pieces selected, and provide updates to their pieces. The result was a moving discussion on some of the major challenges facing progressives in Canada today.  

The evening was moderated by blogs coordinator, Michael Stewart.  

Vancouver East Member of Parliament, Libby Davies, provided opening remarks. 


  • Michelle Reid – Co-publisher of Sad Mag
  • Emma Pullman – Freelance writer, researcher and activist
  • Joyce Arthur – rabble columnist
  • Meghan Murphy – Writer and Founder of Feminist Current, West Coast Editor of
  • Tania Ehret  – Activist and Arts & Culture Contributing Editor to
  • Lucia Lorenzi – Feminist writer and PhD candidate in literature at UBC
  • Roger Annis – Writer and Activist with Vancouver Ecosocialist Network

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