(0:00 – 5 seconds of Bars and Tone, followed by black and countdown)
(0:17 –  Trailer start)

HMBP Series / Episode 1: Introducing boilingfrog’s presentation on the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour, April 3 – June 20, 2006. Featuring a variety of audio, visual and printed mediums as well as our own voices, Angela Bischoff, Bridget Haworth and Kelly Reinhardt. As exposed in this collage the HMBP Tour raises important questions. What have drug companies accomplished? Why are alternatives inaccessible?

Join us on tour for the full presentation to gain our perspective on these questions. For more context and conversations read the blogs and tune in to rabblevision for updates on the HMBP tour.

Special thanks to Naveen Goswamy and TVAC for helping with the encoding and uploading.

The HMBP Video and Audio Podcast Series provided by boilingfrog 2006.

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