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This summer, it’s been impossible to bring people together in the same room, but organizations across the country have been filling the gap with online webinars.  It’s great for with lots of content to share with you, and lots of organizations who have allowed us to repodcast their content.

Today, we’re replaying a webinar from the Canadian Labour Congress, from Wednesday June 10, 2020, on the role of unions in combatting anti-Black racism. It was an opportunity for union members across the country to come together and discuss how they can be a united force for change.

“We have long known that anti-Black racism is destructive. It’s destructive in our society, it afflicts families and communities. That’s why Canada’s unions are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and are urgently calling for accountability and systemic change,” Marie Clarke Walker, the panel’s moderator, said in her opening remarks. “We also know that our own movement is not immune. The labour movement is a microcosm of society and so has all its faults and injustices.” 

The two guests are Larry Rousseau and Sandy Hudson. Larry Rousseau is the CLC’s executive vice-president and the first Black man to serve as an officer of the CLC. He is the officer responsible for the Human Rights Advisory Committee and Workers of Colour Working Group. Sandy Hudson is a community organizer who has spearheaded many anti-racism and anti-violence initiatives. Hudson co-founded Black Lives Matter Toronto in 2014.

Marie Clarke Walker is secretary treasurer of the Canadian Labour Congress.

The Canadian Labour Congress has prepared a statement on anti-Black racism which can be found here. You can also find resources including books, videos and organizations to follow.

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