David Mivasair campaigning in New York State

Even though we’re in Canada, many of us are watching the U.S. midterms next Tuesday with hope, and also fear and trepidation. Not just because the U.S. and Canada have important economic links, but also because what’s happening in the U.S. also affects our social and political life up here. In particular, we’ve seen that Trump’s brand of racism isn’t stopping at the border.

A return of Democratic Party strength next week will do a lot to help reign in the Republican party and the president. At least, that’s the hope. 

Victoria Fenner, rabble’s podcast producer, talked to two Americans who are working for change in their country as Tuesday approaches.

1) David Mivasair – Like many Americans, David is a dual citizen been living in Canada for a long time. And even though he’s made his home in Canada for 23 years, he’s understandably worried about the land of his birth. So he’s doing something about it. He’s campaigning in a swing district in New York State in the 22nd Congressional District of New York as a volunteer for Democratic candidate Anthony Brindisi.  He’s been doing Facebook posts since the middle of October which paint a picture of a beautiful rural landscape populated by very divided people. He talked to Victoria about why he decided his energy was needed in this place. 

2) Music – Why Are the Guns Still Firing – performed by Joe Jencks, written by Si Kahn. Used with permission and thanks. From the CD The Forgotten – Recovered Treasures from the Pen of Si Kahn.

3) Joe Jencks – Joe is a singer, songwriter, social activist and an American from the Chicago area.  In this conversation at a recent house concert in Barrie, Ontario, he talks about the state of his country and the contribution that music makes to build community and hope.

4) Music – Let Me Sing You a Song – written by Joe Jencks –  in Joe’s words – “dedicated to the courage, perseverance and integrity of my mentor and friend Pete Seeger. It was inspired by his 1955 congressional testimony”.  From the CD Poets, Philosophers, Workers and Wanderers.  Used with permission and thanks. 

Last minute campaign notes — David Mivasair says there is still need for volunteers to help get out the vote.  Canadians welcome. If you’d like to join him, the phone number for candidate Anthony Brindisi’s campaign in the 22nd Congressional District of New York is 315-281-9642 or email [email protected]ndisiforcongress.com. On the West Coast, you can contact the Democratic campaign in the 8th District of Washington, just south and east of Seattle, at (425) 395-4775 or [email protected].

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