On this show we hear from two women who were sexually assaulted by trusted medical professionals. From being ostracized by their communities, to victim blaming, to feeling as though they were being put on trial themselves rather than the perpetrator, these women’s stories show the ways in which our society still very much favours male perpetrators and fails to deal with victims in a respectful and compassionate way.

The first woman interviewed is from the Comox Valley and was assaulted by her chiropractor. Dr. Peter Titchener was charged with five counts of sexual assault and lost his license. In the second half of the show we air the story of a woman, Beth Grayer, who spoke at the Montreal Massacre Memorial and Public Forum on Ending Violence Against Women on December 3, 2011. This event was organized by Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter. Beth’s acupuncturist, Dr. Rang Pham, was charged with four counts of sexual assault in July.

This show is hosted by Meghan Murphy and Laura Wood.


**Trigger warning for descriptions of sexual assault


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