Protesting Outside the Samsung Headquarters in South Korea

Samsung Corporation is one of the biggest companies in South Korea. It has a vicious anti union stance and is known for repression of any independent worker activity at its factories.

For over ten years, OHS activists grouped around the organisation SHARPS (Supporters for the Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor) have conducted a campaign against Samsung Electronics about its unsafe workplaces that have led to hundreds of workers falling ill or dying due to the toxic chemicals they are exposed to.

SHARPS has recently forced Samsung Electronics to commit to pay compensation to its workers as well as a commitment to improve its workplaces. APC interviewed Jeong-ok Kong from SHARPS and she details the results of their campaign.

(Note: This is the last program for 2018.  The first program of 2019 will be posted in the first week of February. The APC team would like to thank all listerners who have supported them this year and wish everyone a safe and happy end of year.)

Asia Pacific Currents provides updates of labour struggles and campaigns from the Asia Pacific region. It is produced by Australia Asia Worker Links, in the studio of 3CR Radio in Melbourne, Australia.

Image: Supporters for the Health and Rights of People in the Semiconductor.  Protesting outside Samsung headquarters in South Korea. Used with permission.


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