Listen to speeches from the pre-rally press conference, the rally and one-on-one interviews during the march from Metro Hall to Le Meridien King Edward Hotel on King Street where Enbridge was holding its Annual Shareholders Meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

From the website:

The Yinka Dene Alliance is taking a Freedom Train across Canada to enforce their legal ban on the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipelines and tankers project, and to stand up for their freedom to choose their own future.

A large delegation of Yinka Dene people will travel with allied First Nations from their traditional territories in northern BC all the way to Toronto, with events in Jasper, Edmon, . Intankers in the territories of more than 100 First Nations – directly to Enbridge’s leadership and the centre of financial power in Toronto, at Enbridge’s annual shareholders meeting. These oil pipelines and tankers threaten the very survival of First Nations peoples with devastating oil spills. That is why the Yinka Dene Alliance are taking this Freedom Train across Canada: to stand up for the freedom to live according to their own cultures, the freedom to govern themselves and their lands, and the freedom of all of us from the catastrophic risks of big oil and their inevitable oil spills.

The Yinka Dene Alliance is a coalition of Carrier and Sekani First Nations in northern BC that includes Nadleh Whut’en, Nak’azdli, Takla Lake, Saik’uz, and Wet’suwet’en First Nations whose territory comprises 25% of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipelines and tankers project. The First Nations people of the Yinka Dene Alliance have occupied their territories since time out of mind. They are have joined forces with other First Nations to oppose – and legally ban – the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands oil pipeline and tanker proposal from their traditional territories.

Yinka Dene territories are found in the headwaters of the Fraser, Skeena and Mackenzie/Arctic watersheds. Their people have relied on salmon for countless generations, and the Enbridge project poses a direct threat to our already threatened salmon populations and habitat, with approximately 500 salmon bearing rivers and streams potentially impacted by the dual oil and condensate pipelines.

To sign the petition to oppose the Enbridge pipeline/tanker project and for more info about the Freedom Riders Train and the Yinka Dene Alliance visit:

For more info on the Indigenous and allied movement Against Enbridge’s Tar Sands Pipelines and Tankers, and the Tar Sands themselves, visit:


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