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rabble radio June 30
Image: Dr. Vandana Shiva. Used with Permission
Ep. 6 of the Courage My Friends podcast concludes with Dr. Vandana Shiva, internationally renowned eco-feminist, scientist and author.
RadioLabour June 25
Image: Stephanie Smith- BCGEU. Used by permission.
The BCGEU used its shareholder power to tell Thomson Reuters to stop using its software to help ICE in the United States. And more labour news.
rabble radio June 23
Images: Cheryll Case and Dave Meslin. Used with Permission
Ep. 5 of the Courage My Friends podcast. Urban planner and author Cheryll Case and community organizer, author and activist Dave Meslin discuss conditions in the place most of us call home -- cities.
RadioLabour June 19
Image: Bruske team. Used by permission.
The Canadian Labour Congress has elected a new leadership team with Bea Bruske as president and Lily Chang as secretary-treasurer. Plus more labour news
rabble radio June 16
Zoe Dodd and Keith McCrady. Image credit: used with permission
Episode four of the Courage My Friends podcast asks: 'What can Indigenous philosophies teach us about health and wellness?' With guests Zoë Dodd and Keith McCrady.
RadioLabour June 11
Image: Bruske team. Used by permission.
The national convention of the Canadian Labour Congress will elect a new team of officers. An interview with presidential candidate Beatrice Bruske. And more labour news
rabble radio June 9
Image: Paul Taylor. Used with Permission
Resh Budhu talks to Paul Taylor of Foodshare about the pandemic, food security and the right to food.
RadioLabour June 4
Image: Omer Orgun. Used by permission
CUPE is trying to get a member released from a Turkish jail. Teachers want climate change built into school curricula. And more.
rabble radio June 2
Images: John Clarke and Paul Meinema. Used with Permission
In episode two, anti-poverty activist John Clarke and union leader Paul Meinema talk about how capitalism has converged with COVID to make things worse for all except the wealthy.
RadioLabour May 28
Image: Unifor. Used by permission
WestJet airport agents in Calgary and Vancouver joined Unifor by signing union cards. Plus more labour news.
rabble radio May 26
Images: Ed Broadbent and Kofi Hope. Used with Permission
In the first of a six part series, a conversation with Ed Broadbent and Kofi Hope about what COVID is revealing about our world and country. A and Tommy Douglas Institute coproduction.
RadioLabour May 21
Musician with banjo. Image credit: Ryan Mcguire/Pixabay
Country music used to be about the experiences of working people. Has it now become a tool for the right wing? Plus more labour news.
RadioLabour May 14
Image: United Steelworkers. Used by permission.
Ken Neumann, the United Steelworkers' national director, is retiring. He talks with RadioLabour about his career and the future of the labour movement.
RadioLabour May 7
Water faucets. Image: KatjaJust/Pixabay
The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is helping Brazil's right-wing government to privatize a public water system in Rio de Janeiro. Plus labour's plans for the climate crisis.
RadioLabour April 30
Image: Pixabay/JonnaPeitso/Candlelightdark
A little H&S committee named April 28 as the International Day of Mourning which is now recognized around the world. Plus Biden's plan to unionize thousands.
RadioLabour April 23
Image: Anita Hart. Flickr. Used by permission
Canada would gain at least $11 billion per year in corporate tax revenue from a global minimum tax rate at 21 per cent as proposed by U.S. President Joe Biden.
RadioLabour April 16
Image credit: Scott Lewis/Flickr
Amazon workers were subject to intense anti-union tactics by management. National Organizing Director of the AFL-CIO Richard Bensinger discusses the implications for Canada.
rabble radio April 12
Image: Maureen Huot. Used with permission.
Maureen Huot, one of's rabble rousers to watch, talks about the multiple causes and people she supports, and her thoughts about being an ally.
RadioLabour April 9
Image: Alexandra Koch/Pixabay
Five unions in Ontario are demanding that teachers and other education workers be vaccinated immediately. Plus more labour news.
RadioLabour April 2
Bangladesh garment workers. Image: Bangladesh Centre for Workers Solidarity. Used by permission.
Garment workers in Bangladesh earn $6 a day doing unsafe jobs. And Canadian companies are at fault. The United Steelworkers are trying to help. Plus more labour news.
RadioLabour March 26
Image: WUCC. Used by permission
Immigrant women at Canada Goose plants in Winnipeg are trying to unionize. RadioLabour speaks with Jo Ann Pinera of the Workers United Canada Council.
RadioLabour March 19
Image: United Steelworkers. Used by permission.
Women working in Bolivian mines are subject to violence and sexual harassment while being paid almost nothing. Canada's United Steelworkers are helping.
rabble radio March 12
Image: Nina Newington/Just Before Our Arrests. Used with Permission.
Nina Newington and fellow protesters are heading to court for protesting clear-cutting in sensitive moose habitat in southwest Nova Scotia.
RadioLabour March 12
Construction workers. Image: Portraitor/Pixabay
The Ontario government is planning to release a new budget on March 24. Labour says it needs to include adequate sick days, a decent minimum wage, safety for workers and more.
rabble radio March 5
Image: Climate Action Muskoka. Used with Permission.
Maya Bhullar talks to Sue McKenzie and Linda Mathers about how they organized to have their cottage country municipality declare a climate emergency.
RadioLabour March 5
Image: CLC. Used by permission
A right-wing group is running an ad saying racialized groups should not get vaccine priority. The Canadian Labour Congress is running an online campaign against the ad.
RadioLabour February 26
Hand holding smartphone. Image: Stock Catalog/Flickr -
The Supreme Court in the U.K. has ruled that Uber drivers are not independent contractors. They are workers employed by the company so deserve to be compensated as such.
rabble radio February 25
Image: Alyssa Wright/Barrie City Council. Used with permission.
In the first of our "rabble rousers to watch" podcasts, we have a conversation about Engage Barrie, a group trying to bring about progressive political change in a very conservative city.
RadioLabour February 19
Canadian money. Image: Pixabay
The top 1 per cent of wealthy people in Canada own about 25 per cent of all the wealth in the country. Unions and the Broadbent Institute are calling for Canada's wealthy to pay their fair share.
RadioLabour February 12
Stacks of loonies and toonies. Image credit: Sharon Drummond/Flickr
Ontario's unions say Bill 124, which restricts wage increases and benefit improvements in the public sector, violates bargaining rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.