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rabble radio December 18
Images:  Heather Cleveland, Stephan Reilly, Gabriela Vanden. Used with permission.
Making video games and other forms of online entertainment are keeping media artists busy during this time. Two video game designers and a D.O.P. for film tell us how COVID is affecting them.
face2face December 16
Image: MTV Films and Hao Wu
Director Hao Wu talks about his important new film "76 Days," bearing witness to the death and rebirth of the city of Wuhan, China, in the early days of the global pandemic.
Talking Radical Radio December 15
Image: Michel Rathwell/Wikimedia
Bianca Mugyenyi and Yves Engler talk about myths and perceptions of the role of Canadian on the international stage, and why they founded the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute earlier this year.
RadioLabour December 11
Image: UN photo - Former U.S. first lady Eleanor Roosevelt with UDHR. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How to confront the far right. And more.
rabble radio December 10
Artwork: Tricia Robinson. Used with permission.
Tricia Robinson is an illustrator, labour organizer and activist from Montreal who has found some new depths to her work and her life during COVID-19.
Talking Radical Radio December 8
Image: Used with permission of Strike Poster.
Terry McDowell talks about the work of Strike Poster, a collective of radical artists and graphic designers in Winnipeg.
RadioLabour December 4
Image: AUPE. Used by permission
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is fighting ideological cuts to advanced education. Global wages fall because of the pandemic. And more.
rabble radio December 3
Portraits of Maxime and Yanet side-by-side. Used with permission
Classical musicians Maxime Despax and Yanet Campbell talk about performances, livestreams and ways of adapting during the pandemic. Also -- we hear some of their music.
face2face December 2
Image: Sandbox Films and Apple TV+. Used with permission.
Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer talk about their new film "Fireball," curiosity, mystery, micro meteorites and the oldest thing in the universe.
Talking Radical Radio December 1
Image: Used with permission of Divest Waterloo.
Laura Hamilton talks about her trajectory in the climate movement, from an initial focus on divestment to her current radical commitment to climate justice.
RadioLabour November 27
Image: Labpluto123/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The Ontario government has $9 billion to spend on schools, but refuses. Violence against women transport workers. And more.
rabble radio November 26
Image: "Feel Deeply." Copyright Kimberly Edgar. Used with permission.
Kimberly Edgar talks about the isolation of Dawson City, Yukon, and how being up north in a small community has helped their art to flourish during COVID-19, in Episode 2 of "My Art Wears a Mask."
Talking Radical Radio November 24
Image: elizabethferry/Pixabay
Cam Scott, Irene Bindi, and Daniel Friesen talk about the work of Police-Free Schools Winnipeg.
RadioLabour November 20
Image: Unifor. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Dominion workers won more full-time jobs, but new bargaining strategies needed. The pandemic's effect on women teachers. And more.
rabble radio November 19
Image: Mya Gomez. Used with permission.
In the first episode of's series "My Art Wears a Mask," Mya Gomez talks about how the pandemic has affected her music and video practice.
Talking Radical Radio November 17
Image: Used with permission of Feminists Deliver.
Angela Marie MacDougall, Rhiannon Bennett and Jennifer Johnstone talk about the work of Feminists Deliver.
RadioLabour November 13
Image: COSATU. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: South Africa's COSATU wants a workers first agenda. Why huge data collection on students threatens privacy. And more.
Talking Radical Radio November 10
Image: Used with permission of the African Nova Scotian Freedom School
Wendie Wilson and Rachel Zellars talk about the African Nova Scotian Freedom School.
RadioLabour November 6
 Image: CUPE Ontario. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: 500 Ontario schools hit by virus while government withholds money. Union organizing during a pandemic.
Talking Radical Radio November 3
Image: Kootenayvolcano/Wikipedia
Renae Watchman, Michael Truscello and Leah Hamilton talk about the work of the Mount Royal Anti-Racism Coalition.
RadioLabour October 30
Image: BriYYZ/Flickr
RadioLabour's Canada Report: An Air Canada bailout should mean government shares. The Canadian Labour International Film Festival. And more.
Talking Radical Radio October 27
Image: Used with permission of the Community-Based Research Centre.
Michael Kwag talks about the work of the Community-Based Research Centre and how it promotes the health of gay, bi, trans, Two-Spirit, and queer men.
RadioLabour October 23
Image: Tim Dawson. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Why Assange should not be extradited from the U.K. to the U.S. The Newfoundland strike for Canadian grocery workers. And more.
face2face October 21
Image: Sparrow and Crow Films and Loretta S. Todd. Used with permission.
Loretta Sarah Todd's "Monkey Beach" explores Indigenous storytelling, delicate spaces and narrative anchors in a film version of Eden Robinson's novel.
Talking Radical Radio October 20
Image: Empty Classroom/Pixabay
Medeana Moussa and Wing Li talk about the work of Support Our Students Alberta defending the public education system.
RadioLabour October 16
Image: The Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre collection. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: More than a century ago the Rossland Evening World in B.C. showed what a union newspaper could be. Plus the plight of Amazon workers.
Talking Radical Radio October 13
Image: Used with permission of Abortion Support Services Atlantic.
Shannon Hardy and Bridget Graham talk about the work of Abortion Support Services Atlantic.
RadioLabour October 9
Image: Unsplash/H. Shaw
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Nurses' union says governments have mismanaged the pandemic. And the Ontario Labour Relations Board rules against education unions.
face2face October 7
Image: Nomad Films and the CBC. Used with permission.
Filmmaker Peter Findlay and Unifor president Jerry Dias talk about the film "Company Town" and how union and workers got General Motors to back down on the Oshawa plant closure in 2019.
Talking Radical Radio October 6
Image: Pixy#Org
Susan Campbell and Angie Lynch talk about Just Recovery Ontario, a campaign pushing for a strengthened post-pandemic social safety net.