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Needs No Introduction July 10
Image: Matthias Zeitler/Pixabay
Jim Stanford's talk at the rabble members' council meeting was so good, we wanted you all to hear it. He talks about the problems with work even before the pandemic, and looks to the future.
face2face July 8
Image: Marc Serpa Francouer and Lost Time Media.
In 2013, Godfred Addai-Nyamekye suffered a vicious attack at the hands of a Calgary police officer. A new film explores his story and the need for police accountability.
Talking Radical Radio July 7
Image: Martin Vorel/Libreshot
Fazeela Jiwa of Fernwood Publishing and David Bush of Between the Lines talk about the new Radical Publishers Alliance.
Talking Radical Radio June 30
Image: Bob Jagendorf/Wikimedia
Souheil Benslimane talks about the work of the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project to support prisoners and to work against the injustices of policing and prisons.
RadioLabour June 26
Image: Tiia Monto/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Foodora workers proved that couriers are dependent workers. Plus: 200,000 seafarers are stuck at sea. And more.
Needs No Introduction June 25
In case you missed it -- a replay of rabble's June 18 webinar from our "Off the Hill" series focusing on the federal role in justice reform.
Talking Radical Radio June 23
Image: Used with permission of Righting Relations.
Adriana Salazar and Miigam'agan talk about Righting Relations, a pan-Canadian, women-led network of adult educators working for radical social change.
rabble radio June 19
Image: Digital Pride Hamilton. Used with permission
In addition to COVID-19, Hamilton Pride is dealing with the aftermath of police actions from 2019. A conversation with Cameron Kroetsche of the Pride board about this year's festival.
RadioLabour June 19
Image: GoToVan/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: CUPE president Mark Hancock tells his 700,000 members that Black lives matter, and white privilege must be acknowledged and confronted.
face2face June 17
Image: StoryScope Productions and Richard Poplak and Dianne Neille. Used with permission.
Directors Richard Poplak and Dianne Neille talk about the film and the public relations agent who helped launch Margaret Thatcher's political career.
Talking Radical Radio June 16
Image: GoToVan/Wikimedia
Sarah Jama talks about disability justice, large-scale mutual aid during the pandemic, and the struggle against anti-Black racism and police brutality.
RadioLabour June 12
Image: GeraldFord/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: A world e-commerce agreement could give big data corporations control over Canadian regulations. And, a global law could help women during the pandemic.
Needs No Introduction June 11
Image: Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion
Two friends and colleagues explore East Asian and Black racism during COVID-19 and what mutual solidarity and care between the two communities could look like at this moment, and in future.
Talking Radical Radio June 9
Image: Dave Cournoyer/Flickr
Brendan Devlin and Shaden Abusaleh talk about Communities Not Cuts Manitoba and the work of figuring out how to oppose austerity under the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
RadioLabour June 5
Image: Ursula Texas Migrant Detention Center/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: How the BCGEU used its shareholder power to attack Thomson Reuters' contracts with ICE.
rabble radio June 4
Image: Victoria Fenner
Cases of COVID-19 are low compared to other regions of the world, but that doesn't mean all is well. We hear reports from the ground in Tanzania and Mozambique.
face2face June 3
Image: Catbird Films and Tamara Dawit. Used with permission.
During the Ethiopian Revolution, almost every family lost a loved one. Tamara Dawit, director of the film "Finding Sally," talks about her quest to piece together the life of her aunt Sally.
Talking Radical Radio June 2
Image: Martin Lopez/PXHere and Petr Kratochvil/
Long-time trade unionist Derek Blackadder talks about the labour movement's use of new technologies over the decades and how that relates to today's pandemic-inspired push to move everything online.
RadioLabour May 29
Image: Piqsels
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The shame of long-term care homes. CERB denies income to hundreds of thousands. And more.
rabble radio May 28
Image: Thainafreitas/Pixabay
Liz Marshall talks about her documentary "Meat the Future," which explores a new process to create meat without killing animals. It's called cell-based meat and it's produced entirely in a lab.
Needs No Introduction May 27
rabble's latest webinar focused on strategies for the way forward during COVID-19. Listen to our panelists share their perspectives.
Talking Radical Radio May 26
Image: Used with permission of the Qualicum Nature Preservation Society.
Ezra Morse and Ray Woroniak talk about the Qualicum Nature Preservation Society and its work to oppose development of an ecologically sensitive wetland on Vancouver Island.
RadioLabour May 22
Image: Tumisu/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Pandemic hits women workers in male-dominated sectors the hardest.
rabble radio May 21
Image: ParentingPatch/Wikimedia
Seedchange is working with farmers and gardeners to plant, share and breed new seed varieties. A conversation with a seed producer in Nova Scotia about the program and how to save your own seeds.
face2face May 20
Image: JA Productions. Used with permission.
Anastasia Phillips talks about her new film "Tammy's Always Dying," focusing on mental health issues, families, and why she never judges a character she plays on film.
Talking Radical Radio May 19
Image: Used with permission of nicole marie burton
Illustrator nicole marie burton talks about political comics and about her latest project, "Enemy Alien: A True Story of Life Behind Barbed Wire."
RadioLabour May 15
Image: Victoria Fenner
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Steelworkers say CUSMA -- the new Canada-US-Mexico trade deal -- is flawed.
Needs No Introduction May 13
A podcast version of's May 5 webinar featuring moderator Libby Davies, parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg and guests.
face2face May 13
Image: The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation. Used with permission.
Dr. Mazen Kamen of the Kamen Brain Tumour Foundation talks about the complexity of the brain, emotions and research to improve treatment and survival.
Talking Radical Radio May 12
Image: Used with permission of the ODSP Action Coalition.
Kyle Vose and Andrea Hatala talk about the work of the ODSP Action Coalition organizing recipients of disability benefits in Ontario.