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The Hum Podcast January 22
Sasha Joseph Neulinger. Image: Gilad Cohen
How to create spaces for survivors, and learning to love himself again -- Sasha Joseph Neulinger discusses the experience of making "Rewind."
Talking Radical Radio January 21
Image: Used with permission of the ad hoc Montreal group organizing in solidarity with the protests in India against the NRC and CAA.
Baj Mukhopadhyay, Mehak Sawhney and Aadita Chaudhury talk about Canadian organizing in solidarity with protests in India against the National Register of Citizens and the Citizenship Amendment Act.
face2face January 20
Image: Serendipity Point Films and François Girard. Used with permission.
François Girard, director of "The Red Violin" talks about his new film which tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of a concert violinist in the 1950s and a brother's search to find him.
RadioLabour January 17
Image: United Food and Commercial Workers. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The UFCW says Uber Black drivers are employees and eligible to unionize. And more.
rabble radio January 16
Image: "Time to Topple" campaign graphic. Used with permission.
Election reform advocate Dave Meslin has succeeded in his Kickstarter to raise $15,000 to fund research into electoral reform at the municipal level, building on what’s been done in London, Ontario.
face2face January 15
Image Copyright: Association Coopérative des Productions Audio-Visuelles and Sophie Deraspe. Used with permission.
Though the story of Antigone was written in 441 BC, it still resonates in contemporary times. Sophie Deraspe speaks about her new award winning film which draws parallels to the immigrant experience.
Talking Radical Radio January 14
Image: Used with permission of "Black in Post-Sec"
Ladna Mohamed, Kaku Kenyi and Andre Harriott are part of the team that made "Black in Post-Sec," a new documentary film on the experiences of Black students in Canadian universities.
RadioLabour January 10
Image: Ontario Federation of Labour/Flickr
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Secondary school teachers strike against the Ford government's cuts to education. And more.
rabble radio January 9
Image: sathyatripodi/Pixabay
Indigenous researcher Melissa Tremblay talks about her award-winning research to develop a supportive housing model for teen parents and their children.
The Hum Podcast January 8
Image: Resonant Pictures. Used with permission.
Todd Thomas aka "Speech" talks about his experiences filming "16 Bars," why it is so difficult to change the prison-industrial complex, and music's role in social justice.
Talking Radical Radio January 7
Image: Used with permission of Imtiaz Popat.
Imtiaz Popat talks about his wide range of activism and organizing in Vancouver against racism, homophobia, and an entire spectrum of intersecting oppressions and bigotries.
Talking Radical Radio December 23
Image:  Wikimedia/Teetaweepo Dove Peace
Doug Hewitt-White, Murray Lumley and Scott Albrecht talk about the work of Conscience Canada to establish a right to conscientious objection to military taxation.
RadioLabour December 20
Image: UNclimatechange/Flickr
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Activists were thrown out of the COP25 conference in Madrid when governments refused to act, but the struggle continues.
rabble radio December 19
UN security isolating protesters at COP25. Image: Simon Chambers/ACT Alliance
Simon Chambers of the ACT Alliance just got back from COP 25 in Madrid. He assesses Canada's performance and also talks about activists' frustration over the slow pace of change.
face2face December 18
Image Copyright: TINAM Inc. and the NFB. Used with permission.
Journalist Robert Fisk and director Yung Chang talk about their new film "This Is Not A Movie," exploring the contemporary media landscape and the question "what is truth?"
Talking Radical Radio December 17
Image: Edwintp/PXHere
Public health care is threatened in all provinces, and especially in Alberta. Sandra Azocar talks about the work of Friends of Medicare to defend public health care in Alberta.
RadioLabour December 13
Image: Muslim Workers' Network. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: A union organizer says help stop discrimination against people of faith. The UN's Declaration of Human Rights. And more.
rabble radio December 12
Image: Haliburton Highlands Land Trust. Used with permission.
Sheila Ziman of the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust talks about how land trusts work, and why generous people sometimes give gifts of land to their communities for conservation.
face2face December 11
Image: Elizabeth Bay Productions Productions. Used with permission.
Cast members August Diehl and Valerie Pachner talk about Terrence Malick's new film "A Hidden Life," based on letters by a man who gave up his life rather than support the Third Reich.
The Hum Podcast December 11
Image: Gilad Cohen
Mohamad Lazakani discusses his experiences fleeing the Syrian civil war, settling in Toronto, and why he will always consider Syria home.
Talking Radical Radio December 9
Image: Steffano Mazzone/Flickr
Lora McElhinney and Wendy Bariteau are members of the Vancouver-based women in prison abolitionist group Joint Effort.
RadioLabour December 6
Image: OSSTF. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Ontario teachers strike for the students. And the poetry of a B.C. picket line.
rabble radio December 5
Image: Pixabay/Alfred Dielman
Graeme Truelove says discrimination against Muslims is typical of how we've treated other non-white immigrant groups. An interview with the author and a reading from his book.
face2face December 5
Image: Farzad Park and Europe Media Nest. Used with permission.
Iranian activist Mahnaz Mohammadi discusses her feature film about how a marriage proposal leads to a single mother's choice between financial security and what's best for her family.
Talking Radical Radio December 3
Image: Piqsels
Using drugs safely -- Bryce Koch is a registered nurse in Winnipeg and he talks about the work of the Harm Reduction Nurses Association and Project Safe Audience.
RadioLabour November 29
Image: hosny_salah/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Unifor is helping Palestinian truck drivers at the separation wall between Palestine and Israel. And more.
rabble radio November 28
Image: David Mivasair
David Mivasair talks about why he's spending time convincing fellow American expats in Canada to register to vote in 2020. And a commentary about avoiding toxic consumerist excesses on Black Friday.
face2face November 27
Image: Appian Way and Bloomfish Productions. Used with permission.
It's not an either/or -- Fisher Stevens and Malcolm Venville talk about the film "And We Go Green," exploring how electric cars can preserve the sport of racing and also cut down emissions.
The Hum Podcast November 27
Jeeti Poonir and Baljit Sangra. Image: Gilad Cohen.
Jeeti Pooni and director Baljit Sangra discuss their documentary about how the justice system can better support survivors of sexual abuse, especially for women of colour and immigrants.
Talking Radical Radio November 26
Image: Used with permission of Ontario Parent Action Network
Rachel Huot talks about the emergence of a network of parents committed to fighting the cuts to public education in Ontario.