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RadioLabour October 4
Foodora messenger. Image: Tiia Monto/Wikimedia
RadioLabour Canada Report: Workers at Uber, Lyft and Foodora are employees and they want unions.
face2face October 4
Image Copyright: B&R Creative Productions Inc and Natasha Luckhardt. Used with permission.
"Town of Widows" co-director Natasha Luckhardt talks about the fight with General Electric and workers compensation as families seek justice for work-related illness and death of their loved ones.
Needs No Introduction October 3
Trudeau with G20 Summit leaders. Image: White House/Flickr
Martin Lukacs' new book is launched in Vancouver featuring a stellar panel of activists discussing the Trudeau legacy.
face2face October 2
Image Copyright: Joe Berridge. Used with permission.
Joe Berridge talks about urban life and entropy, why they are like machines and purpose built; liberty and democracy; urban planning; and why successful cities need immigrants.
The Hum Podcast October 2
Photo: Gilad Cohen
Waad and Hamza Al-Kateab, along with director Edward Watts, discuss their film "For Sama," the conflicting information about Syria, and finding love within activism.
Talking Radical Radio October 1
Image: Used with permission of the Migrant Rights Network.
Karen Cocq talks about the work of the Migrant Rights Network to fight racism and xenophobia during the federal election campaign and beyond.
RadioLabour September 27
Image: International Trade Union Confederation. Used by permission.
RadioLabour Canada Report: Labour's fight for a just transition to green economies.
rabble radio September 26
Screenshot of Government of Canada website. Image: Open Knowledge Foundation/Flickr
Amanda Clark talks about her book "Opening the Government of Canada" and the challenges and conundrums of governing in the digital era.
Asia Pacific Currents September 25
The Christmas Island concentration camp. Image: Wikimedia
The Australian government is one of the leaders in anti-asylum seekers and refugee policies. The latest battle is over a Tamil family detained in an offshore prison camp on Christmas Island.
Talking Radical Radio September 24
Image: Used with the permission of Raven Trust and Pull Together
Maia Wikler talks about the Pull Together campaign, which is raising money to support First Nations' legal challenges to the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline expansion project.
RadioLabour September 20
Greenland ice sheet. Image: Wikipedia/Christine Zenino
RadioLabour Canada Report: Unions support young people in their global climate strikes because it will be their world that suffers.
face2face September 20
Image Copyright: Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Studio Hamburg and Gabriel Polsky. Used with permission.
Steven Warshaw and Gabe Polsky talk to Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film "Red Penguins," hockey, nationalism, the Cold War, optimism and hope, and capitalism run amok.
rabble radio September 19
Image: Climate Action Toronto, May 3 2019. Payton Mitchell. Used with permission.
Tomorrow is the first day of Climate Strike Canada. We hear from youth from across the country about what's happening and their hopes and frustrations about solving the climate crisis.
Talking Radical Radio September 17
Image: Wikimedia - The "Hunger March" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, December 1932, McDermid Studio
Alvin Finkel talks about the grassroots historical work of the Alberta Labour History Institute and about his new book, "Compassion: A Global History of Social Policy."
RadioLabour September 13
Image: Einladung_zum_Essen/Pixabay
RadioLabour Canada Report: Lab-grown meat and unions. A workers' revolution in the UK? Paid leave in B.C. And more.
rabble radio September 12
James Gordon and pal working on the script. Image: James Gordon/Facebook
Gordon, a singer-songwriter and Guelph city councillor, premiered his new climate crisis musical in Barrie last Friday. A conversation and lots of music!
face2face September 11
Image Copyright: Ruth Lande Shuman and Publicolor. Used with permission.
Ruth Lande Shuman talks about creativity and change, our inner artists, the deprivation of colour, empowerment and Pepto Bismol pink, and the potential for social change.
Asia Pacific Currents September 11
Workers in Taiwan. Image: Malcolm Koo/Wikimedia Commons
Labor Notes is a U.S.-based labour organization. In August it held a regional conference in Taiwan bringing together workers from around the region.
Talking Radical Radio September 10
Image: Used with permission of Wa Ni Sak Tan: an alliance of hydro-impacted communities.
Hydro isn't as sustainable an energy source as it might look. Ramona Neckoway and Stephane McLachlan talk about the work of Wa Ni Ska Tan: An alliance of hydro-impacted Indigenous communities.
RadioLabour September 6
Toronto Labour Day Parade 2018. Image: Torontonian/Alamy Stock Photo. Used by permission (purchased photo).
RadioLabour's Canada Report September 6 to 13, 2019. Labour's five point agenda to make every day Labour's Day.
rabble radio September 5
Image: Sebastian Dooris/Flickr
Rocky Petkov, organizer with Extinction Rebellion Toronto, talks about ER's approach to the climate crisis, and how it’s different from ER Europe.
Asia Pacific Currents September 4
Kashmir Security Patrol. Image: La Priz/Flickr
The recent crackdown in Kashmir will have far-reaching consequences and are more related to India's internal politics than its rivalry with Pakistan.
Talking Radical Radio September 3
Image: Used with permission of Tiffany Joseph.
W̱SÁNEĆ and Sḵx̱wu7mesh woman Tiffany Joseph talks to Scott Neigh about her peoples' history, her work revitalizing her language and culture, and restoring the land.
face2face August 30
Image: Karen Stokkendal Poulsen and First Hand Films. Used with permission.
In a new film, director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen talks to David Peck about how power struggles unfold, using Myanmar as the location to explore democratic reform and the lure of corruption and power.
rabble radio August 29
Image: Lyla Miklos
Lyla Miklos, queer feminist activist and former chair of Hamilton Pride, shares her ideas about why there's a big problem with hate in Hamilton right now, and what needs to be done to solve it.
Asia Pacific Currents August 28
Free West Papua protest in Melbourne in August 2012. Image: Wikimedia
The West Papuan region of Indonesia has been embroiled in conflict ever since the sham Act of Free Choice in 1969. APC talks to West Papuan independence activist O'Neil Waromi.
Talking Radical Radio August 27
Image: Joshua Scott/Flickr
Sometimes, in the course of political action, people get arrested. Legal worker Macdonald Scott talks about the work of the Movement Defence Committee.
face2face August 23
Image: Larry Weinstein and Hawkeye Pictures. Used with permission.
Larry Weinstein talks to David Peck about his new film 'Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies' and about how propaganda is influencing changes in the world order.
rabble radio August 22
Jack Layton goodbyes. Image: Elliott Margolies/Flickr
Jack Layton, NDP leader, activist and friend to many, passed away on August 22, 2011. Today on rabble radio, some excerpts from his funeral to help us remember him and his contribution to Canada.
Asia Pacific Currents August 21
Thailand traffic jam. Image: Cegoh/Pixabay
While Thailand is officially not a military dictatorship anymore, activists like Somyot Pruksakasemsuk continue to fight against repression. Asia Pacific Currents talks to him on today's show.