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The rabble podcast network offers an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general. All opinions belong to the podcaster; however, podcasters are expected to adhere to our guidelines. We welcome new podcasters -- contact us for details. is holding our donation drive right now, and rpn volunteers have put together some audio to give you some ideas of what you can give. You can listen here.


From the South Pacific to big city streets, from big media to your inner ear, rabbledocs takes you on journeys of discovery with the best Canadian independent radio documentaries.


A collection of short videos created or shared by members of the rpn. This is an experimental video channel. All feedback on its content welcome.

Radio Tadamon!

Tadamon! Join Tadamon! (Solidarity! in Arabic), a Montreal-based collective of media activists and social justice organizers reporting from Lebanon, as they develop connections with grassroots organizations and independent media networks to build political solidarity across borders.

Rank and file radio

Rank and File Radio is a program about work, the labour movement and politics in Canada.

On the issues of the day - political, social and cultural - Redeye digs deeper. Open your ears to alternative voices. Hear incisive and challenging interviews with activists and progressive thinkers. Produced by an independent media collective, broadcasting over 35 years on Vancouver Cooperative Radio.

Reel Women

Every two weeks Judy and Cathi surprise (and occasionally shock) one another with unexpected cinematic delicacies they've found tucked into the wall at the video hut. Tune in while these two radio sirens talk about intriguing new video releases sliding into home entertainment centres across the country.

Resonating Reconciliation” is a project that uses radio to help reconcile all Canadians with the history of Indian Residential Schools. The documentaries were made by over 70 Indigenous producers across Canada, and they share the stories of survivors, their family members, friends, communities, and many more people whose lives have been impacted and shaped by the legacy of Indian Residential Schools.


Follow your ears into the kitchen and relax as your host takes you on an auditory culinary tour. Equal parts ingredients, technique, trivia and chatter (with a few banging pots and sizzling pans), Sizzle is the audio cooking show where you can hear how good it's going to taste!

South Africa Student Sounds

News and views from the students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in South Africa.

Speak! is a peace and human rights podcast produced by Journalists for Human Rights at Ryerson University. We talk to activists, grassroots NGO executives and analysts to help make you aware of what's going on in our increasingly globalized community.

Commentary from writers, thinkers, and journalists.

Stark Raven: Prison Justice

Stark Raven takes a critical look at incarceration and criminalization in Canada and around the world. Hear in-depth analysis of the criminal justice system that goes beyond the corporate media. Produced by the Stark Raven Media Collective in Vancouver, BC. More info, prison news & resources

Street Cred

A journalistic endeavour containing interviews, reports and documentaries from a year of screaming dangerously.

On the Dispatch, Briarpatch Magazine invites you to dip into our audio arsenal of essays, interviews, music, spoken word, and satire. With what we're packing, we'll have errorists from the boardrooms of Bay Street to the quail-hunting ranches of Texas quaking in their boots!

The Dominion

News From The Grassroots

The F Word explores various issues and debates within feminism as well as looking at politics, media, culture, trends, and music through a feminist lens. The F Word radio show is produced and hosted by members of The F Word Media Collective, a feminist group based in Vancouver, B.C. For more on The F Word, please visit:

The Green Planet Monitor

Communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America are achieving development goals using local knowledge, skills and energy. This half-hour magazine program features original documentaries, news reports and music from around the world.

The Looking Glass

The looking glass will engage with key artists, thinkers, theologians, musicians & local and global activists around issues of global justice & Christian spirituality. Hear voices and tunes from around around the world. Listen, pray, act & give - another world is possible! The Looking Glass comes to from the Youth Initiative of The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund of The Anglican Church of Canada.

Produced by radio specialization students in the Graduate Program for Journalism at the University of Western Ontario.

The Roaming Ear

Around the World with a Mike – most people travel with a camera .. Victoria travels with her microphone too. With over 20 years as a radio producer and field recording tech, her ears are well tuned to hear the world in a surprising ways. She doesn’t just present the sound as she hears them. She turns them into documentaries, sound poems and audio portraits of a world alive with sound.

The Ruckus

The Ruckus is an exploration of Canadian music. Anything from old prairie folk songs to the latest underground hip-hop and alt-rock. Your guide, Kevin McGowan, will lead you through monthly episodes of genre-bending Canadiana.

The Shades Within

Writer Sara Beck reads her fictional account of a Canadian development worker living in post-apartheid South Africa. Each story is an encounter with a landscape, with cultures, a run-in with wildlife, discussions with former freedom fighters, a brush with Mandela, and words from the countless, faceless voices of the struggle against apartheid among them.

The Simple Journalists

A Mohawk College journalism student, Andrea Lozynsky brings you the news from the youngest newscaster on Planet Canada.

What's that smell? Cathi Bond and Nora Young dish on the latest in technology.

The Speakeasy

Stop by the Speak Easy for smart perspectives on stories both familiar and unheard of. Sometimes silly, often irreverent, a visit to the Speak Easy always makes you think. The Speak Easy is staffed by students in the graduate program in journalism at the University of Western Ontario.

The Strange Copper Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes

This is the official companion podcast to Harrowsmith Now's Canada-wide treasure hunt, The Strange Wax Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes. This podcast is a ripping yarn about the eccentric inventor Thaddeus Barnes as he outruns enemies on all sides after his amazing devices. He's joined by his brilliant daughter Phillipa, his faithful servant Whitby and his friend and rival, the Serbian genius, Nikola Tesla.

Hosting live artist interviews and discussing contemporary social issues.

From the forgotten destruction of Hogan's Alley to the Italian roots of Commercial Drive, these are the stories of Vancouver's lost neighborhoods, the people we lost with them and the gap that threatens us all with seeing history repeat itself.

Tikkun Toronto

The Israel Stories are recordings by Tikkun Toronto members exploring complexities, changes, and tensions in the evolution of our personal relationships to Israel. Tikkun Toronto is a community inspired by a diversity of spiritual and social justice traditions and committed to Tikkun Olam, a Jewish belief in healing and transforming the world and ourselves.

Tim Postgate’s Canadian Jazz Life

An insider's look at the day-to-day life of Canadian jazz recording artist Tim Posgate. Tune in for honest and passionate reflections on everything from Toronto's jazz scene, full-time parenting, guitars, the music industry and Tim's not-so-secret Canadian passion: hockey! Plus some great music and interviews.

Eman El-Husseini interviews ordinary people with unconventional lives over their favourite meal. Trying to incorporate eating in her career since her debut in standup, Eman may have finally found the way.
As well as never being a huge fan of, what she likes to call, insignificant rules Eman talks taboo topics at the dinner table. An Atheist converts to Judaism, a transgender person, a former Jehovah's Witness, an asexual person to name a few. Giving unorthodox lives a platform in our heteronormative society.

Tune in as author and arts broadcaster Cathi Bond talks about unusual new releases you can't afford to miss. This is your podcast if you are looking for a cinematic snack that's different than what the rest of the herd is chowing down

Who Are You?

An exploration of identity on the edge of tech.

Who’s on Second?

Second Life is a rich, virtual online world populated with 1.2 million citizens worldwide. Everything, including non-profit storefronts, libraries, campuses, and yes, nightclubs and strip joints, is built by the folks who live a second life online. In this podcast, host Wayne MacPhail interviews educators and activists who have discovered that a Second Life can change their first one.


WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service is an award-winning weekly half-hour radio program by and about women around the world. Diverse, well produced, and insightful news about women since 1986. Raising women's voices through radio (and now internet) worldwide.

A winter message from the rpn.

Write Along Radio about writing. It's about thinking differently about writing and having fun doing it. Kevin Johns & Catherine Brunelle (fellow writers), invite you to join them each episode as they tackling yet another writing challenge. Everyone is welcome! Come write along. #WriteAlongRadio

A delegation of young Canadians from across the country are at the UN climate change talks. While lobbying Canada's government for strong climate action, they are podcasting to people at home about what is at stake, what is negotiated, what are the issues, and how Canada's government is representing Canadians.