Election Fallout

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Co-hosts Mike Cook and Tony Loeffen speak with Canada's premiere political thinkers, do in depth explorations of issues of the day and supply listeners with the kind of conversational ammunition a progressive type might need in order to win hearts and minds at the water cooler or lunch table.

Mike Cook has had careers in underground publishing (Gadfly Productions) and retail (Logos Book Store). He currently resides in Orillia ON, where he is an active member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and the New Democratic Party. Despite being dedicated to the NDP, he is strongly in favour of inter-party cooperation to restore progressive values to Canadian

Tony Loeffen is an entrepreneur, journalist, and multi-media artist with a passion for seeing Conservatism in Canada marginalized once and for all. He co-founded Opposition Radio with Mike Cook the day after Harper won his majority, and while loyal to no organization, the NDP is the party of his conscience.

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