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Talking Radical Radio November 5
Image: Used with permission of the Halifax Workers Action Centre.
Sakura Saunders and Lisa Cameron talk about the Halifax Workers Action Centre and the fight for the rights of low-wage and precarious workers.
RadioLabour November 1
Image: Pixabay/Pexels
RadioLabour Canada Report: How Unifor's Canadian Freelance Union represents independent media workers. And more.
rabble radio October 31
Image: Canadian Federation of Students Ontario. Used with permission.
Kayla Weiler, Ontario rep for the Canadian Federation of Students talks about early indicators of fallout from the Student Choice Initiative and status of the lawsuit launched by the CFS.
The Hum Podcast October 30
Image: Gilad Cohen
Catholic Church sexual abuse survivor Rod MacLeod joins director Matt Gallagher to discuss the film which documents his struggle with trauma and how the Church has failed to support survivors.
face2face October 30
Image Copyright: Jaren Hayman Barracuda Baby Productions. Used with permission.
Jaren Hayman and Garry James talk to David Peck about their controversial film exploring racism in what has been called one of the biggest trafficking hubs in the country.
Talking Radical Radio October 29
Image: Used with permission of Save Clinic 554.
Jessi Taylor talks about the campaign to Save Clinic 554, a practice that is a rare source of abortion services, trans care and specialized care for other marginalized populations in New Brunswick.
RadioLabour October 25
Image: Wikimedia - Damzow:/Flags Flying at UN Headquarters
RadioLabour Canada Report: Help needed for the millions hidden in global supply chains.
rabble radio October 24
Rachel Notley. Image: Connor Mah/Flickr
A new book explores the track records, and the rise and the fall of 10 women premiers in Canada, asking the question, "did they approach politics differently than men?"
face2face October 23
Image Copyright: Hearts and Bones Films, Spectrum Films, Lemac Films (Australia), Create NSW and Screen Australia. Used with permission.
Hugo Weaving, Bolude Watson, Ben Lawrence and Andrew Luri talk to Face2Face host David Peck about their new film about PTSD, the power of family and the responsibilities of journalists.
Talking Radical Radio October 22
Image: By Vivienne Ho. Used with permission of Millennium For All.
Joe Curnow and Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land talk about the work of Millennium For All to challenge airport-like security measures instituted earlier this year at the public library in downtown Winnipeg.
RadioLabour October 18
Image: Unifor. Used with permission.
RadioLabour Canada Report: Seven women protesting the death of temporary workers arrested while occupying Doug Ford's constituency office.
face2face October 17
Image Copyright: 291 Film Company and Ian Toews. Used with permission.
Gardening for the planet, gardening for your own well being -- TV series director Ian Toews and Face2Face host David Peck talk about the ways that gardening helps people and society.
The Hum Podcast October 16
Image: Gilad Cohen
Bianca Mercer and "Conviction" co-director Nance Ackerman discuss the enduring stigma of life after prison, and why they believe in the necessity of community-based rehabilitation.
rabble radio October 15
An election polling station in 2015. Image: Ishmael Daro/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg has been covering elections for more years than he wants to say. He looks ahead to e-day and the possibilities for Canada's next Parliament.
face2face October 11
Image: Michael Ungar. Used with permission.
"Change Your World" explores how the self-help industry contributes to victim-blaming politics and doesn't do a lot of good in the long run. Author Michael Ungar talks about his new book.
RadioLabour October 11
Image: CUPW. Used by permission.
RadioLabour Canada Report: CUPW wants Canada Post to provide banking services.
rabble radio October 10
Radio tower in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Image: Victoria Fenner
The "Facts are Free" campaign brings the urgency of climate change to campus and community airwaves during the lead up to the election. And, we hear how Future Majority is reaching young voters.
Talking Radical Radio October 8
Image: Used with permission of Green Jobs Oshawa.
Rebecca Keetch and Tiffany Balducci talk about Green Jobs Oshawa and the fight to get their city's soon-closing automobile assembly plant taken into public hands and re-tooled for green production.
RadioLabour October 4
Foodora messenger. Image: Tiia Monto/Wikimedia
RadioLabour Canada Report: Workers at Uber, Lyft and Foodora are employees and they want unions.
face2face October 4
Image Copyright: B&R Creative Productions Inc and Natasha Luckhardt. Used with permission.
"Town of Widows" co-director Natasha Luckhardt talks about the fight with General Electric and workers compensation as families seek justice for work-related illness and death of their loved ones.
Needs No Introduction October 3
Trudeau with G20 Summit leaders. Image: White House/Flickr
Martin Lukacs' new book is launched in Vancouver featuring a stellar panel of activists discussing the Trudeau legacy.
face2face October 2
Image Copyright: Joe Berridge. Used with permission.
Joe Berridge talks about urban life and entropy, why they are like machines and purpose built; liberty and democracy; urban planning; and why successful cities need immigrants.
The Hum Podcast October 2
Photo: Gilad Cohen
Waad and Hamza Al-Kateab, along with director Edward Watts, discuss their film "For Sama," the conflicting information about Syria, and finding love within activism.
Talking Radical Radio October 1
Image: Used with permission of the Migrant Rights Network.
Karen Cocq talks about the work of the Migrant Rights Network to fight racism and xenophobia during the federal election campaign and beyond.
RadioLabour September 27
Image: International Trade Union Confederation. Used by permission.
RadioLabour Canada Report: Labour's fight for a just transition to green economies.
rabble radio September 26
Screenshot of Government of Canada website. Image: Open Knowledge Foundation/Flickr
Amanda Clark talks about her book "Opening the Government of Canada" and the challenges and conundrums of governing in the digital era.
Asia Pacific Currents September 25
The Christmas Island concentration camp. Image: Wikimedia
The Australian government is one of the leaders in anti-asylum seekers and refugee policies. The latest battle is over a Tamil family detained in an offshore prison camp on Christmas Island.
Talking Radical Radio September 24
Image: Used with the permission of Raven Trust and Pull Together
Maia Wikler talks about the Pull Together campaign, which is raising money to support First Nations' legal challenges to the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline expansion project.
RadioLabour September 20
Greenland ice sheet. Image: Wikipedia/Christine Zenino
RadioLabour Canada Report: Unions support young people in their global climate strikes because it will be their world that suffers.
face2face September 20
Image Copyright: Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Studio Hamburg and Gabriel Polsky. Used with permission.
Steven Warshaw and Gabe Polsky talk to Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film "Red Penguins," hockey, nationalism, the Cold War, optimism and hope, and capitalism run amok.