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Archived August 25
<p align="left">Nasir Aziz does phone interviews on a recent <em>New York Times</em> op-ed by Richard Armitage and on the Pakistan-England cricket incident. He and Ethan Ca
CitizenShift August 22
Rishi Hargovan, a Montreal journalist, travels to the Hillside Community Festival north of Guelph, Ontario, where he interviews musicians and festival-goers in an attempt to find out if there's space
Redeye August 22
Dennis Lyxzen is the with International Noise Conspiracy. Chris Spannos caught up with him during the sound check for the band's Vancouver show.
Africafiles: The Pulse August 18
How is the church helping as Africa struggles with the aids pandemic?How are African youth being affected by Aids? Rev M Mulumo of United Church of Zambia and Abigail Kapasa discuss these issues. Both
Archived August 17
<p align="left">Nasir Aziz, Ethan Casey and Asad Faizi have a spirited discussion of the Lebanon ceasefire and its implications, the UK airline security alert, and the future of Israel and the United
Redeye August 15
Laura Sky's movie &quot;Crisis Call&quot; begins with the story of a young man shot and killed by police after an altercation on a city bus in Toronto.
Africafiles: The Pulse August 14
Aids continues to ravage much of Africa. African delegates to tthe XVI International Aids Conference are calling for more action from the world community. This is the first of four updates on the ongo
Archived August 14
The Shades Within August 10
The subtext of this episode is all about sounds and spaces, and how the two interact. The surface story, however, is about as subtle as Barbara. Anna begins to suspect that some stereotypes might just
The Green Planet Monitor August 10
Human beings discuss what Earth has in store for them ... and the picture isn't good.
Archived August 8
Nasir Aziz and Ethan Casey analyze maverick British MP George Galloway's recent Sky TV interview on Lebanon, respond to an email from a Pakistani reader of Casey's column who advocates Pakistani recog
CitizenShift August 8
Josue Maya is currently a violence prevention worker at FYI. As an active community youth leader, Josue uses spoken word poetry to engage and inspire his peers.
Redeye August 8
Cindy L'Hirondelle says we need a radical idea to tackle the problem of women and poverty. She thinks that a guaranteed liveable income for all is the answer.
Archived August 7
The Green Planet Monitor August 3
Human beings are coming up with all sorts of ingenious ways to walk gently on planet Earth.
Rabbledocs August 3
<p>The Way Ahead: future challenges</p> <p> From February to May 2006, students at Ohahase Education Centre on the <a href= "">Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory</a> west of Kingsto
Archived August 1
Nasir Aziz and Ethan Casey discuss the merits of military versus civilian rule in Pakistan (in response to an email from a reader of Casey's column in the Pakistani daily <i>The News</i>), the continu
Africafiles: The Pulse July 30
Poverty, Aids, disease and other socio-economic conditions affect children&rsquo;s capacity to learn. Early Child Development programs&nbsp;are important in addressing the preparedness of children
FierceLight July 29
In the wake of the escalating violence in the middle east, episode #6 of FierceLight introduces us to the Bereaved Families Circle, a remarkable group of Palestinian and Israeli parents who have lost
The Green Planet Monitor July 27
If there's any hope for the future of the human species, it lies in the collective wisdom of Earth's indigenous people. Here are the voices of aboriginal men and women, sharing their ethics and vision
The Shades Within July 27
In this episode, Anna wrestles with the Xhosa language and learns how a language law ignited one woman’s struggle against apartheid.<br /> <br />
Rabbledocs July 27
<p>Present Defence: current struggles</p> <p> From February to May 2006, students at Ohahase Education Centre on the <a href= "">Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory</a> west of Kingst
Reel Women July 27
Who's sexier? Marlene Dietrich or Carole Lombard? Listen to Judy and Cathi chat about two of the silver screens most legendary sex bombs.
Archived July 26
Introduction to Whalesong, a podcast dedicated to discussion of topics that matter in small isolated communities.
Redeye July 25
This docu-drama tells the story of 3 British Muslims captured in Afghanistan and held without charge for 2 years in Guatanamo.
rabble radio July 24
In this episode, Keith Gottschalk is one part journalist, one part Canada groupie, as he sets out across the country. Wayne interviews the investigative citizen journalists from, and
Archived July 22
In this episode Nasir Aziz engages in dialogue with a local ex pat Pakistani living in Seattle, USA. One of the purposes of PAK|CAST is to project Pakistani views living outside of Pakistan. This conv
The Green Planet Monitor July 20
Earth's land surfaces are crisscrossed by mountains of great beauty -- an eternal source of veneration for many human beings, objects to be transformed by others in search of money.
Rabbledocs July 20
<p>Past Tense: the burdens of history</p> <p> From February to May 2006, students at Ohahase Education Centre on the <a href= "">Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory</a> west of Kingst
Archived July 19
Dr. Wayne Roberts, Program Coordinator with the Toronto Food Policy Council, will bring his extensive experience in food security to explore the following questions. How can the world's population be