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Redeye April 26
Do you ever feel an acute longing for familiar surroundings or the conditions of the past? Karen Mackintosh went out and about in her neighbourhood, asking people what they were nostalgic for. <br />
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension April 25
In this episode of Alert! well-known writer and activist Saul Landau, who has recently returned from Vietnam joins us to discuss the continuing hard times even over thirty years after the Vietnam War
Reel Women April 25
Battle of Algers and Me and You and Everyone We Know - freedom fighters and the Amelie meets the Internet.
Redeye April 25
Dr. Ismail Zayid was born in the village of Beit Nuba, Palestine. His village was bulldozed by Israel in June 1967. The village was erased from the map. <br /> [part 3 of a 6-part series on memory]
The Simple Journalists April 24
Welcome to it... this is The Simple Journalists brand new format. This episode is filled to overflowing with sex, peeves and x-rated sound effects. This week Joey explains how loosing weight can actu
Rabblevision April 24
A short video that explores the WSIB memorial to fallen Canadian workers. It's beside the CBC building in Toronto, in Simcoe Park. By Wayne MacPhailpp
Redeye April 24
Our memory makes us who we are. It's as unique to each person as our fingerprints. Yet we know very little about how it works and why it lets us down. We talk with Rebecca Rupp, author of &quot;Commit
Archived April 24
The Los Alamos National Laboratory is busy modelling scenarios in the event bird flu becomes a full-on human-to-human pandemic. Sound like a good idea? Cathi's not so sure! Meanwhile, rumour has it
Redeye April 23
Henry Kissinger said that history is the memory of the state. Howard Zinn, author of &quot;A People's History of the United States&quot;, says people need to assert their collective memory and counter
Rabblevision April 23
HMBP Series / Episode 1: Introducing <a title="boilingfrogs homepage" target="_blank" href="">boilingfrog</a>’s presentation on the <a title="tour homepage" target="_blank" hr
Archived April 21
The Sex Show: in which Cathi and Nora trade notes on virtual sex and the mysterious grooves of the &quot;Je Joue&quot;
Archived April 20
Okay, it's finally posted! I had some major technical difficulties with the videocast and then life got in the way for a few weeks, but now the videocast is here on Nodcast rather than rabblevision.
The Green Planet Monitor April 20
Human beings love money, as these captured recordings testify.
Redeye April 20
A unique literacy project for children allows them to write and illustrate a story, then bind it into a book that looks as professional as any you might find in the children's section of your local li
Archived April 19
With all the wi-fi, cell phones, surging electricity, Cathi's starting to wonder if the 21st century is safe. Meanwhile, Nora manages her 21st century stress with a free video game that promises to p
Archived April 19
A speed date with six web technologists who introduce cool online tools to make us better, smarter citizens. Recorded in Toronto, April 6, 2006. Check the shownotes for URLs and contact details about
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension April 18
On another live edition of Alert! We hear from David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba Metis Federation who gives us an update on the latest and largest land claim in Manitoba; Canada Research Cha
Redeye April 18
Agricultural workers from Mexico are working in Canadian fields under the guest worker program. When they get to this country, they discover that working conditions are quite different from what they
Archived April 17
Nora puts the boots to Web 2.0!<br /> Cathi's freaked out about viruses making nano-batteries!
Redeye April 16
Gay and lesbian seniors face isolation and invisibility when they access the healthcare and social service system. A new study looks at why this is and what can be done to change it.
boilingfrog's Green Town Times April 15
During the first stop on the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour, Angela, Kelly and Bridget sat down with Bernadette, Willi, Noel and Josephine to learn of their experiences and gain insight into strategies
Redeye April 14
Charles Gagnon died last November. He was often described as the intellectual leader of the FLQ and later founded the revolutionary party En Lutte.
The Green Planet Monitor April 13
Anxious accounts of how planet Earth is changing -- faster than it ever has before.
Redeye April 12
We speak with veteran immigrant rights organizer Monica Hernandez about opposition to Bill 4437 that has brought people out into the streets in their thousands in cities across the U.S. over the past
Archived April 12
Nora wonders why be good when the rewards for being bad are book deals and celebrity. Cathi turns us on to an exciting new discovery in wind turbine power
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension April 11
In today's show we interview Bonnie Swaine who along with her sister first organized a blockade to stop logging trucks from entering the traditional lands of the Grassy Narrows First Nation where they
boilingfrog's Green Town Times April 11
The first stop on our 23-city Healthy Mind Body <br /> Planet Tour was the First Nation Community of <br /> Elsipogtog in northern New Brunswick. We received <br /> incredible hospitality which includ
The Simple Journalists April 10
In this episode the SJ's take it to the next level. Ashley gets the latest tips from Clarins beauty counter. She asks the questions we all are dying to know about skin care AND gets some tips on how t
Redeye April 10
Privatization of the world's water supplies isn't going quite as smoothly as the big water corporations hoped. Tony Clarke explains why.
Archived April 10
What if your loved ones could find out where you went? What time you got home? When you left work early? Are we becoming a true surveillance society? Plus, a cool test: do you know your own mind?