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rabble radio February 19
This episode we hear from the editor of Me Funny, a book on aboriginal humor. Wayne goes for a run, and who can resist the news about Cheney? Certainly not Keith Gottschalk. Auntie has advice for a yo
Redeye February 19
An in-depth conversation with essayist and author Rahat Kurd. A feminist and a Muslim, she has thought deeply about the furor over the Danish cartoons and reveals a lot more nuances in the situation t
Healing the Earth February 17
In an informative, frightening, and moving interview, I spoke with Lara Hansen, chief climate change scientist with the World Wildlife Fund. From rapidly melting ice, to dying oceans, to the tippin
Archived February 17
Kiss those singles goodbye, it's the return of the album!<br /> Attention shoppers! Voice-activated shopping assistant: Sign of the future or waste of space?<br />
The Dispatch February 15
The first anti-errorist attack launched by the Dispatch: the collective examines China, explores food banks, crosses to the wrong side of the tracks and more.
Archived February 15
Taking on the Cult of Mac, with open source music downloads, and get rid of those pesky earbud wires.....send the music right through your skin!<br /> Plus, where to put all those tiny, chic electron
Archived February 15
Lots of new, exciting shows coming online! Give this latest half-hour sampler a listen to give you an idea of what's floating around on the Rabble Podcast Network. This episode includes everything fro
Redeye February 15
Alberta has a new healthcare plan that will increase private healthcare options in the province. Diana Gibson says it will result in reduced access to care for all but the wealthy. Also in this show,
Redeye February 13
David Emerson switched parties, Michael Fortier wasn't elected, Gordon O'Connor went from lobbyist for defence companies to Minister of Defence. Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch discusses the ethics o
Sizzle February 13
Actually, it's Cuban Chicken Pie. Get it? Cuban? Revolutionary? Well, it is pretty revolutionary, as chicken pies go!
Archived February 13
Like the robot maid and the jet pack, the smart home is one tech fantasy that won't go away! Is it for real this time? Plus, being kind to strangers...whether they like it or not! And, Cathi give us
The Simple Journalists February 13
In this week's episode Andrea reports on all the Olympic gossip from athletes who are balding, to those who didn’t attend the opening ceremonies. Your Simple Journalist Joey Close gives you a history
Archived, Rabble Rumble February 13
Judy Rebick gets back in the ring with her rebuttal on the topic of violent women in the movies in Round Two of the debate.
House of Sound and Story February 12
The challenges of getting three (interesting) square meals north of the Arctic Circle. Whale blubber .. yum!<br />
Healing the Earth February 11
In what ways are women disproportionately affected by the many dynamics of climate change? Cayetana Carrion of the Women's Environmental Development Organization talks about the myriad ways our cultu
Redeye February 10
Organic has become mainstream. Walmart says that it's the fastest-growing food category in its stores. Local brewer Rebecca Kneen says this mass marketing of the organic label is somehow missing the p
Archived February 10
Call it: Through a Scanner, Darkly! If you thought the tattooing trend was big, wait until slicing open your hand and sticking an RFID tag under your skin hits the streets.<br /> Plus, why meditation
rabble radio February 10
In this episode, Keith deconstructs the state of the union address, we'll hear from the World Society on the information society, Auntie answers some gender questions, and Clumsy stops by to entertain
Archived February 8
Keep your eyes on the road...your car could be watching you!<br /> Plus, next stop in the privacy wars: your cell phone.
Healing the Earth February 8
Linda Buzzell Saltzman, an ecopsychologist, psychotherapist, and permaculturist, talks about her ways of healing the human/nature split. Within life in cities, how does one have meaningful connections
Redeye February 8
Despite all the uproar about fundamentalism, Mordecai Briemberg says that this was not an election about religion.
Archived February 8
Judy Rebick and Cathy Bond debate whether violent female action heroes in pop culture are appealing or appalling.
Redeye February 7
Brian Jungen startling simulations of Northwest Coast Aboriginal masks are made from disassembled athletic shoes. Josh Brandon reviews his new show at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Also in this show, a r
The Simple Journalists February 7
This week a special guest mc throwbot makes an appearance in the TSJ Studios, we find the origin of Mondays and get salty and greasy with our quote of the day!!!!
Archived February 6
Forget about tricking out your car, check out the funky way people are messing with their iPods!<br /> Plus, why your purse may be about to rat you out!
Redeye February 5
The provincial government announced plans this week to spend $2500 billion on highways in Greater Vancouver. Many fear this will turn Vancouver into a Los Angeles of the north.
Archived February 3
Cathi tips us off to &quot;Base&quot;... join the tribe at the hippest place she's found since forever.<br /> Plus, she's scooped a sweet tune for you to check out.....hear it right here on thesniffer
Redeye February 2
Journalist and activist Adriana Paz talks about her hopes for the new government of Evo Morales and the challenges that it faces. Also in this show, a look at the current situation in Nepal on the ann
Archived February 1
Startling new findings on treating depression!<br /> Toss your office in the garbage can!<br /> Tonight we're going to party like it's a 1999 Hatchback!
Archived, Rabble Rumble February 1
A teaser for Round One of our first rabble rumble featuring Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond. The debate, &quot;Violent Chick Flicks - Slick or Sick?&quot; starts right here, February 8. Join us here and in