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Archived January 2
In this repeat episode from thesniffer's early days before RPN, Cathi's obsession with flying cars finds a new home: the flying train!<br /> Meanwhile, as the iPod started to hit massive market penetr
Podcast DIY January 2
A rundown of the devices you'll need when you want to take your podcast to the street.
Redeye January 2
On June 21, the Haida held a special ceremony to honour the remains of hundreds of ancestors returned from museums across North America. Nika Collison talks about the process of repatriation and what
Archived December 30
&quot;Life caching&quot; is a term for the compulsive documentation of our lives through blogs, photo swapping etc. Free self-expression or neurosis? Cathi and Nora hash it out in this early episode
Rabblevision December 30
On Boxing Day, 15-year-old Jane Creba was shot during what appears to have been a gang shootout at Dundas and Yonge Streets in Toronto. I shot this video of the sidewalk memorial created to her by Tor
Redeye December 30
Madeleine Parent organized women and children in the cotton mills of Quebec during the war, fought the influence of the church and the Catholic syndicates and helped to establish the independent Canad
Archived December 28
Nora's ponders a game of Spin the Bottle!<br /> Cathi relives gym class terror!<br /> (Originally 'cast Summer '05)
Archived December 26
Over the holidays, Cathi and Nora replay some favourite episodes from the VERY early days of thesniffer. Today, Nora finds a freaky alternative to the holiday turkey! Cathi gets religion....and freak
The Green Planet Monitor December 26
Canadian aboriginal people have struggled to achieve economic prosperity. Now, some of Canada’s most successful First Nations are offering assistance to indigenous communities in the developing world
Redeye December 26
How we feel about money is central to how we live our lives. In this conversation, psychologist Dorothy Rowe explores some of the ideas in her insightful and thought-provoking book &quot;The Real Mean
rabble radio December 25
With 2006 approaching, rabble radio takes stock of what it's done. All our favorites are here: Stephen Lewis, Velcrow Ripper, and a tour of downtown hamilton. Auntie's advice hits close to home, Callo
Archived December 24
This is the last Nodcast for 2005! But I'll be back in January. Join me while we read a story that has been a Christmas favorite for generations of children waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Archived December 23
Santa Baby! Cathi gives us her gift picks for a swellegant holiday
radio book lounge December 22
Sarah Boothroyd investigates the age-old dilemma — what you should read versus what you want to read.
Rabblevision December 22
An entertaining look at flaccid democracy and poor election night performance from the folks at
Redeye December 22
The Minutemen Project, a group of U.S. anti-immigrant vigilantes moves north to Washington State. Also in this show, Laura Lamb reviews the first of Walt Disney's Chronicles of Narnia series.
Archived December 21
It's a Very Special thesniffer Christmas! Nora gives us her picks for last minute tech-y holiday gifts. Cathi mocks her relentlessly
Rabblevision December 21
A terrific parody of mainstream TV news. From our friends at the Olde English comedy troupe.
Redeye December 20
Coca- Cola is facing large protests and plummeting sales in India. Amit Srivastava explains why the company has become so unpopular in one of its principal markets. Also in this show, Guy Dauncey on s
The Green Planet Monitor December 19
The government of Canada has pledged increased support for Africa, with poverty reduction and HIV-AIDS on top of its agenda. Across Canada, individual communities are pitching in themselves, striking
Archived December 19
Could fun online photos attract cyber predators? Nora wonders who's looking, and what do they want? Plus, Cathi falls hard for a robot. Why?
Redeye December 18
Sam Sullivan's first initiative as mayor was voted down by all but one of Vancouver's council members in a marathon 16-hour meeting on Thursday. The opposing votes included 4 from Sullivan's own NPA p
Archived December 18
Today is the last of four Advent Sundays leading up to Christmas! Charles Dickens wrote a condensed version of his famous book, &quot;A Christmas Carol&quot; so that he could read it to people in fou
Sizzle December 15
In this inaugural episode we get ambitious: a three course Japanese meal of Miso Soup, Deep-fried Prawn balls and Spinach with Sesame sauce.
Redeye December 15
James Graff died on October 23. He was a tireless worker for human rights, especially those of the Palestinian people. His friend and co-worker Mordecai Briemberg remembers him.
FierceLight December 14
Today's episode is podcast semi-live from Puerto Rico, at the Human Forum of The Alliance for the New Humanity. Featuring the opening adress of Alliance president Deepak Chopra, and Jeremy Rifkin.
Archived December 13
Come and listen to a story by Hans Christian Anderson, a storyteller who lived over a century ago in Denmark. Hear about the Professor and the Flea's travelling adventures, and how they managed to ge
Redeye December 13
Canada needs to move towards a more representative voting system - the only way to get there is by electing another minority government, according to Dennis Pilon; the Great Bear Rainforest covers 21
The Green Planet Monitor December 12
Tourism is big business. For those with big bucks to burn, there’s hardly a place that can’t be explored. High-end tourists in Africa trek by day in game parks, eat well at night and sleep in the mos
Podcast DIY December 12
Wayne explains how to make a musical signature for your podcast, and why he hasn't had one so far.