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RadioLabour April 17
Image: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: How unions are supporting health-care workers in Ontario and B.C.
rabble radio April 16
Flying over the Northwest Territories Image: Victoria Fenner
Two interviews -- one from Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, and another from Yellowknife about how COVID-19 is affecting a vast area of the country.
Needs No Introduction April 16
A look back at rabble's roots and at new directions for the future as they looked almost a decade ago. A replay of rabble's 10th birthday discussion at the Gladstone Hotel in 2011.
face2face April 15
Image: Northern Banner Releasing. Used with permission.
Would you time travel if you could? David Peck talks to Daniel Stern, one of the stars of "James vs. His Future Self" and riffs on themes about living in the now rather than the future.
Talking Radical Radio April 14
Smoke stacks from the Vale Copper Cliff nickel refinery in Sudbury, Ontario. Image: Tony Webster/Wikimedia
Joan Kuyek talks about her decades of involvement in struggles related to mining and about her book, "Unearthing Justice: How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry."
RadioLabour April 10
Image: 272447/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: An interview with CLC secretary-treasurer Marie Clarke Walker, and a message of support to Unifor members.
rabble radio April 9
David Barth with World Accord project partners in Honduras. Image: Victoria Fenner
David Barth of World Accord talks about his challenging trip home from Honduras with a group of volunteers. And Simon Chambers, ACT Alliance, talks about changing priorities in the time of COVID-19.
face2face April 8
Image Copyright: Pantaleon films. Used with permission.
Many people know about Marcel Marceau's life as a mime artist, but not about his life in the Second World War resistance movement. Director Jonathan Jakubowicz talks about his new film "Resistance."
Talking Radical Radio April 7
Image: Chadillaccc/Wikimedia
Organizing thousands of people is no small job. Lead organizer Ryan Andersen talks about the work of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.
RadioLabour April 3
Image: OFL. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: An interview with OFL president Patty Coates; CUPE's support of front-line workers; and more.
rabble radio April 2
Shifaa Hospital, Gaza. Image: Gigi Ibrahim/Flickr
Mariam Abu Alatta, project officer with the Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection in Gaza, talks about the COVID-19 outbreak and how it's affecting life in the early days of the pandemic.
face2face April 1
Image: Richard Bell and Karma Film. Used with permission
Richard Bell talks about his new film "Brotherhood," dignity and self-sacrifice, putting others before ourselves, rites of passage, real boys and toxic masculinity.
Talking Radical Radio March 31
Image: Ralph Chang/Pexels
Justin Kong of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter talks about organizing with workers in Chinese grocery stores, and about doing so in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
RadioLabour March 27
Image: PXHere
RadioLabour's Canada Report: An interview with CLC president Hassan Yussuff. Child care during the pandemic. And more.
rabble radio March 26
Mostly empty shelves of an Atlantic Superstore supermarket of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on March 13, 2020. Image: Indrid__Cold/Flickr
Lois Ross, rabble's agriculture columnist, reflects on a recent trip to Cuba and talks about what Cubans know about food security that we can learn from in Canada.
Talking Radical Radio March 24
Image: Used with the permission of the Museum of Vancouver.
Sharon Fortney talks about the complicated history of museums and about the Acts of Resistance exhibit, which showcases art from an Indigenous action against the Trans Mountain pipeline.
RadioLabour March 20
Image: ElasticComputeFarm/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: What needs to be done to protect health-care workers?
rabble radio March 19
Image: Alyssa Wright by Scott Cooper. Used with permission.
Alyssa Wright, Hannah McIlveen and Karen Burson work in different parts of the country in different lines of work, but they've all been affected by COVID-19.
face2face March 18
Image: Alanis Obomsawin and NFB. Used with permission.
Alanis Obomsawin, one of Canada's best known Indigenous documentary filmmakers, focuses on the inadequacies of Indigenous health care in her latest film through the stories of two children.
Talking Radical Radio March 17
Hamilton steel mill. Image: Cathy/Flickr
Mayson Fulk, trans liaison with District 6 of the United Steelworkers, talks about supporting transgender people in workplace contexts.
face2face March 13
Image: TVO and Border City Pictures. Used with permission.
The film "Prey" tells a story of abuse by a Catholic priest and justice for victims in court. Co-producer Cornelia Principe says external oversight of the church may be necessary to end abuse.
rabble radio March 12
Kerr Hall clock tower at Ryerson. Image: Hoice/Wikipedia
Ryerson University has been withholding students fees from Ryerson's student union because of allegations of mismanagement two years ago. A court injunction late last week has now released those fees.
Talking Radical Radio March 10
Image: PXHere
Vishan Charamis and Maud Nevoret talk about a Montreal-based project called the Rap Battles for Social Justice.
RadioLabour March 6
Image: Chris Waits/Flickr
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The publicly owned Canada Infrastructure Bank is being used to subsidize the profits of privateering corporations.
rabble radio March 5
Boju Bajai hosts Bhrikuti Rai (left) and Itisha Giri (right). Image: Used with permission
Maxine Betteridge-Moes is a Canadian living in Nepal who has discovered an informative and entertaining podcast by Nepali women that explore gender equality issues. She tells us why she's a fan.
Talking Radical Radio March 3
Image: Used with permission of Labour Against the Arms Trade.
Simon Black talks about Labour Against the Arms Trade and its work to oppose the sale of light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.
RadioLabour February 28
Image: Tiia Monto/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Foodora couriers can form a union. Uber drivers up next. And more.
rabble radio February 27
Dahne Jobson, Toronto journalist at a workshop. Image: Victoria Fenner/rabble
Nadia Stewart of the Canadian Association of Black Journalists, and Anita Li of Canadian Journalists of Colour talk about their new action plan to increase diversity in Canada's media organizations.
face2face February 26
Image: Nomad Films and TVO. Used with permission.
Peter Tabuns, Ontario member of provincial parliament, was a guest on the show which sends two politicians from opposing parties out to spend the day together.
Talking Radical Radio February 25
Image: *Youngjin/Wikimedia
Kari Glynes Elliott talks about the work of the Ottawa Transit Riders to push for more reliable, affordable and accessible public transit in Ottawa.