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Needs No Introduction May 27
rabble's latest webinar focused on strategies for the way forward during COVID-19. Listen to our panelists share their perspectives.
Talking Radical Radio May 26
Image: Used with permission of the Qualicum Nature Preservation Society.
Ezra Morse and Ray Woroniak talk about the Qualicum Nature Preservation Society and its work to oppose development of an ecologically sensitive wetland on Vancouver Island.
RadioLabour May 22
Image: Tumisu/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Pandemic hits women workers in male-dominated sectors the hardest.
rabble radio May 21
Image: ParentingPatch/Wikimedia
Seedchange is working with farmers and gardeners to plant, share and breed new seed varieties. A conversation with a seed producer in Nova Scotia about the program and how to save your own seeds.
face2face May 20
Image: JA Productions. Used with permission.
Anastasia Phillips talks about her new film "Tammy's Always Dying," focusing on mental health issues, families, and why she never judges a character she plays on film.
Talking Radical Radio May 19
Image: Used with permission of nicole marie burton
Illustrator nicole marie burton talks about political comics and about her latest project, "Enemy Alien: A True Story of Life Behind Barbed Wire."
RadioLabour May 15
Image: Victoria Fenner
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Steelworkers say CUSMA -- the new Canada-US-Mexico trade deal -- is flawed.
Needs No Introduction May 13
A podcast version of's May 5 webinar featuring moderator Libby Davies, parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg and guests.
face2face May 13
Image: The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation. Used with permission.
Dr. Mazen Kamen of the Kamen Brain Tumour Foundation talks about the complexity of the brain, emotions and research to improve treatment and survival.
Talking Radical Radio May 12
Image: Used with permission of the ODSP Action Coalition.
Kyle Vose and Andrea Hatala talk about the work of the ODSP Action Coalition organizing recipients of disability benefits in Ontario.
RadioLabour May 8
Image: Cottonbro/Pexels
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The Canadian Labour Congress and Unifor are organizing to build permanent changes for front-line workers.
rabble radio May 7
Image: Elisa Lee
Elisa Lee, environmental educator and self-care facilitator talks about getting beyond intellectual reactions towards climate change, and getting to the heart of the matter.
Talking Radical Radio May 5
Eastern arm of Burrard Inlet from Burnaby Mountain. Image: Vranak/Wikimedia
Will George, a member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, talks about his involvement in grassroots opposition to the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline expansion project.
RadioLabour May 1
Image: maabsnco0/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: The UFCW is helping retail food workers during the pandemic. Plus, the world needs a global social protection plan.
rabble radio April 30
Claude Schryer by Rideau River. Image: Sabrina Matthews. Used with permission
Climate data is not always resonating with the general population, so artists are looking for new ways to tell those stories.
face2face April 29
Image: Barbara Kopple and Cabin Creek Films. Used with permission.
"Harlan County USA" director talks about her newest film "Desert One," and what she's learned about her country after almost 50 years of documentary making.
Talking Radical Radio April 28
Image: Vegetables/Piqsels
Hector Balderos Campos and Natalia Sudeyko talk about the work of the Dignidad Migrante Society, an organization which supports migrant agricultural workers in Canada.
RadioLabour April 24
A pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. in 2017. Image: Ted Eytan/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Naomi Klein explains how the right will use the crisis to implement its ideas; Unifor calls for post-pandemic restructuring.
rabble radio April 23
Image: plesektomas/Pixabay
Karen Burson talks to those who would like to cook vegan meals but aren't confident about making tasty meals without using the usual repertoire of animal products.
face2face April 22
Image: CBC/Hockey Mom. Used with permission.
Teyama Alkamli and Andrew Moir talk about their new film "Hockey Mom," a story about Syrian refugee Fatma and her son Majed and how they rebuilt their lives in Canada.
Talking Radical Radio April 21
Image: Used with permission of the Decent Work and Health Network.
Robyn Beckett of the Decent Work and Health Network talks about the impact our employment can have on our health, the fight for better employment standards, and COVID-19.
RadioLabour April 17
Image: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health/Wikimedia
RadioLabour's Canada Report: How unions are supporting health-care workers in Ontario and B.C.
rabble radio April 16
Flying over the Northwest Territories Image: Victoria Fenner
Two interviews -- one from Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, and another from Yellowknife about how COVID-19 is affecting a vast area of the country.
Needs No Introduction April 16
A look back at rabble's roots and at new directions for the future as they looked almost a decade ago. A replay of rabble's 10th birthday discussion at the Gladstone Hotel in 2011.
face2face April 15
Image: Northern Banner Releasing. Used with permission.
Would you time travel if you could? David Peck talks to Daniel Stern, one of the stars of "James vs. His Future Self" and riffs on themes about living in the now rather than the future.
Talking Radical Radio April 14
Smoke stacks from the Vale Copper Cliff nickel refinery in Sudbury, Ontario. Image: Tony Webster/Wikimedia
Joan Kuyek talks about her decades of involvement in struggles related to mining and about her book, "Unearthing Justice: How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry."
RadioLabour April 10
Image: 272447/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: An interview with CLC secretary-treasurer Marie Clarke Walker, and a message of support to Unifor members.
rabble radio April 9
David Barth with World Accord project partners in Honduras. Image: Victoria Fenner
David Barth of World Accord talks about his challenging trip home from Honduras with a group of volunteers. And Simon Chambers, ACT Alliance, talks about changing priorities in the time of COVID-19.
face2face April 8
Image Copyright: Pantaleon films. Used with permission.
Many people know about Marcel Marceau's life as a mime artist, but not about his life in the Second World War resistance movement. Director Jonathan Jakubowicz talks about his new film "Resistance."
Talking Radical Radio April 7
Image: Chadillaccc/Wikimedia
Organizing thousands of people is no small job. Lead organizer Ryan Andersen talks about the work of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.