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rabble radio August 15
Elizabeth May -- we don't have to choose between the economy and the environment. Image: Victoria Fenner
Why is it that so many people believe we can have a stable economy or healthy environment, but not both? Green Party Leader Elizabeth May talks to Victoria Fenner about this and more.
face2face August 14
"Conviction" -- new film explores why prisons need reform from the inside out. Image: Nance Ackerman and Ariella Pahlke. Used with permission.
Nance Ackerman and Ariella Pahlke invite us to consider a different kind of society that better supports the most vulnerable, particularly women in prison.
Talking Radical Radio August 13
Towards an anti-racist and decolonial left in Quebec. Image: Charles Rondeau/
Lawyer and activist May Chiu talks about Pour une dignité politique, a new formation looking to build an anti-racist and decolonial left in Quebec.
rabble radio August 8
Photo: Olivia Robinson
The role of libraries in our communities is changing. Olivia Robinson talks about why she chose libraries as her focus for her Jack Layton Journalism for Change Fellowship with
face2face August 7
Image Copyright: Lily Zepeda. Used with permission.
Not having a place "to go" isn't just an inconvenience. It's a problem that impacts billions worldwide. Lily Zepeda and Jack Sim talk about why we need to normalize the toilet globally.
Asia Pacific Currents August 7
Image: Pixabay - Atomic bomb
An interview with Denis Doherty of the Hiroshima Day Committee in Sydney Australia about the relevance of the bombing in 2019.
Talking Radical Radio August 6
Image: Used with permission of the Global Catholic Climate Movement Canada
Marissa Vertrees and Agnes Richard talk about the Global Catholic Climate Movement and about its Canadian chapter.
rabble radio August 1
Image: Pamela Palmater. Used with permission.
The Reconciliation Book Club is off and running. Listen to Pam Palmater's hopes for the book club, the response so far, and why she chose YouTube as the host for the club.
face2face July 31
New film 'Push' explores the housing crisis and capitalism run amok. Image Copyright: Fredrik Gertten and WG Film. Used with permission.
Leilani Farha and Fredrik Gertten explore gentrification and the right to housing in today's Face2Face podcast with David Peck.
Asia Pacific Currents July 31
Image: Wikimedia - General Strike KTCU in Seoul
This year has seen an upsurge of strikes, demonstrations and protests by South Korean workers. The issues relate to pay and working conditions.
Talking Radical Radio July 30
Image: Used with permission of the End Dress Codes Collective.
High school teacher Kate Curtis of the End Dress Codes Collective talks about this spring's big victory at the Toronto District School Board.
RadioLabour July 26
RadioLabour's Canada Report July 26 to August 2, 2019 - Canadians help lead the struggle for democracy at the Global Congress of Education International in Bangkok.
rabble radio July 25
Image: Pixabay - Monan - Canada Justice Law
Michael Welch talks to Dr. Bruce Clark, author of "Ongoing Genocide caused by Judicial Suppression of the 'Existing' Aboriginal Rights."
face2face July 24
'Gaza' -- new film explores life in 'the world's largest open air prison'
Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell and host David Peck talk about their new film "Gaza" -- covering grace and humour, surfing, ordinary people and one-dimensional views of complex problems.
Talking Radical Radio July 23
Laura Cuthbert talks about the Populous Map project and its work to preserve and share marginalized histories in British Columbia.
rabble radio July 19
David Kattenburg has visited Israeli occupied Palestine for many years documenting the challenges, struggles and strength of its people. Some highlights from his explorations in June and early July.
Asia Pacific Currents July 17
Image: Wikimedia - Yemen civil war detailed map (August 2015)
Kamillia el-Eriani, a Melbourne-based professor of sociology and politics, talks to Jiselle Hanna about the dynamics and deep roots of the conflict in Yemen.
Talking Radical Radio July 16
Marty Wexler and Claire McNeil talk about the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia and its work to challenge the institutionalization of people with disabilities in their province.
RadioLabour July 12
RadioLabour's Canada Report July 12 to 19, 2019. The proposed replacement for NAFTA is not good enough. U.S. labour also opposes NAFTA 2.0. The LabourStart Report. And more.
rabble radio July 11
Image: Yahaya Baruwa. Photo: Victoria Fenner
Two conversations -- Yahaya Baruwa, a Nigerian-Canadian writer who writes about living in two worlds; and Dave Kattenburg talks about do's and don'ts when travelling internationally as a journalist.
Asia Pacific Currents July 10
Image: Wikipedia - Iranian Revolution Anniversary 2017
The recent threats by the U.S. against Iran have to be seen in the context of the changes brought about by the Arab Spring uprisings.
Talking Radical Radio July 9
Choral music as social and environmental justice activism. Image: Used with permission of the Resistance Rising Choir.
Rama DelaRosa talks about the Resistance Rising Choir -- using music to uplift, educate and inspire people to action.
RadioLabour July 5
RadioLabour's Canada Report July 5 to 12, 2019. Poor pay, no sick leave for gym and fitness workers; global wage inequality worsens; the LabourStart report; and more.
rabble radio July 4
Over 150 town halls were held across the country in May and June. On today's rabble radio, we hear about what was accomplished and what the next steps are.
Asia Pacific Currents July 3
Image: Flickr/Al Jazeera/Political Party Stoles on Display
The far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headed by Narendra Modi won the recent general elections in India. This will have serious ramifications for workers in the coming years.
Talking Radical Radio July 2
The youth climate strike in Canada. Image: Used with permission of Sustainabiliteens Vancouver.
Emma Lim and Rebecca Hamilton talk about Climate Strike Canada and the local and national organizing that is building the youth climate strike movement.
RadioLabour June 28
ILO Convention C-190 adopted.Image: International Labour Organization. Used with permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report June 28 to July 5, 2019. CLC Secretary-treasurer negotiates ILO convention, teachers are fighting education cuts in Ontario, the LabourStart Report, and more.
face2face June 27
Image: Copyright Aisha Jamal and Kitab Productions Inc. Used with permission.
Aisha Jamal and Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film "A Kandahar Away," family dynamics and pride, honesty and openness and why family relationships need a whole lot of patience.
Asia Pacific Currents June 26
Demonstration against proposed extradition bill, Hong Kong, June 2019. Image: etan liam/Flickr
The question of the relationship between Hong Kong and the Chinese government is not clear and a proposed extradition bill saw the biggest demonstration ever in Hong Kong.
Talking Radical Radio June 25
Image: Used with permission of SAEFTY Ottawa.
Kaeden Seburn and Jay Burns talk about SAEFTY Ottawa, a group of trans and gender-diverse youth using research and advocacy to reduce barriers youth face in accessing gender-affirming health care.