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RadioLabour December 6
Image: OSSTF. Used by permission.
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Ontario teachers strike for the students. And the poetry of a B.C. picket line.
rabble radio December 5
Image: Pixabay/Alfred Dielman
Graeme Truelove says discrimination against Muslims is typical of how we've treated other non-white immigrant groups. An interview with the author and a reading from his book.
face2face December 5
Image: Farzad Park and Europe Media Nest. Used with permission.
Iranian activist Mahnaz Mohammadi discusses her feature film about how a marriage proposal leads to a single mother's choice between financial security and what's best for her family.
Talking Radical Radio December 3
Image: Piqsels
Using drugs safely -- Bryce Koch is a registered nurse in Winnipeg and he talks about the work of the Harm Reduction Nurses Association and Project Safe Audience.
RadioLabour November 29
Image: hosny_salah/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Unifor is helping Palestinian truck drivers at the separation wall between Palestine and Israel. And more.
rabble radio November 28
Image: David Mivasair
David Mivasair talks about why he's spending time convincing fellow American expats in Canada to register to vote in 2020. And a commentary about avoiding toxic consumerist excesses on Black Friday.
face2face November 27
Image: Appian Way and Bloomfish Productions. Used with permission.
It's not an either/or -- Fisher Stevens and Malcolm Venville talk about the film "And We Go Green," exploring how electric cars can preserve the sport of racing and also cut down emissions.
The Hum Podcast November 27
Jeeti Poonir and Baljit Sangra. Image: Gilad Cohen.
Jeeti Pooni and director Baljit Sangra discuss their documentary about how the justice system can better support survivors of sexual abuse, especially for women of colour and immigrants.
Talking Radical Radio November 26
Image: Used with permission of Ontario Parent Action Network
Rachel Huot talks about the emergence of a network of parents committed to fighting the cuts to public education in Ontario.
RadioLabour November 22
Palestinian women. Image: hosny_salah/Pixabay
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Labour has condemned a U.S. policy change which says that Israeli settlements in Palestine are legal.
face2face November 22
Image Copyright: Aurum Films and Jan Komasa. Used with permission.
Director Jan Komasa talks to Face2Face host David Peck talk about contradictions of religion in his new film "Corpus Christi" set in the Polish Bible Belt of the U.S.
rabble radio November 21
Image: jorono/Pixabay
Activist and radio host Stefan Christoff tells us about the grassroots campaign to fight the deportation of Guinean refugees from Canada.
Talking Radical Radio November 19
Image: Marc-Olivier Jodoin/Good Free Photos
Burcu Emeç talks about the efforts of an artist-run centre to challenge systemic barriers in their own work and in the city.
RadioLabour November 15
Image – Pixabay/DebbieCoursonSmith – Classroom Kindergarten Elementary
RadioLabour's Canada Report: Teachers in Ontario are for students and against cuts to education -- an interview with ETFO president Sam Hammond.
rabble radio November 14
Image: Janet Spring/Edwin Espinel and Karen Spring in Honduras.
It was good news when Edwin Espinel was released on bail from a Honduran prison, but his Canadian mother-in-law says it presents more danger that he could be ordered back to prison.
face2face November 13
Image: Coky Giedroyc and Film 4 and Tango Entertainment. Used with permission.
Based on the novel by Caitlin Moran, the film "How To Build a Girl" is an irreverent coming-of-age comedy about being a girl.
The Hum Podcast November 13
Shaparak Shajarizadeh, Iranian women's rights activist. Image: Gilad Cohen
Shaparak Shajarizadeh discusses Iran's gender dynamics, her struggles with survivor's guilt, and what Canada's role should be in promoting gender equality.
Talking Radical Radio November 12
Image: By Mallory Taylor. Used with permission of Shameless Magazine.
Sheila Sampath of Shameless Magazine talks about the Talking Back Feminist Media Conference.
RadioLabour November 8
Image: Wokandapix/Pixabay
RadioLabour Canada Report: Teachers and other education workers are fighting Ford government cuts. Also, how Chicago teachers won.
rabble radio November 7
Image: Wikimedia/Carlos Figueroa/Protestas en Chile de 2019, Plaza Baquedano, Santiago, Chile
Corvin Russell talks to activist, writer and educator Carlos Torres about the roots of the protests in Chile and the on the ground events of the past two weeks.
face2face November 6
Image Copyright: Serjical Strike Entertainment and Garin Hovannisian. Used with permission.
Garin Hovannisian and Serj Tankian talk to David Peck talk about their film documenting how one man's journey on foot through Armenia inspired a revolution of hearts and minds.
Talking Radical Radio November 5
Image: Used with permission of the Halifax Workers Action Centre.
Sakura Saunders and Lisa Cameron talk about the Halifax Workers Action Centre and the fight for the rights of low-wage and precarious workers.
RadioLabour November 1
Image: Pixabay/Pexels
RadioLabour Canada Report: How Unifor's Canadian Freelance Union represents independent media workers. And more.
rabble radio October 31
Image: Canadian Federation of Students Ontario. Used with permission.
Kayla Weiler, Ontario rep for the Canadian Federation of Students talks about early indicators of fallout from the Student Choice Initiative and status of the lawsuit launched by the CFS.
The Hum Podcast October 30
Image: Gilad Cohen
Catholic Church sexual abuse survivor Rod MacLeod joins director Matt Gallagher to discuss the film which documents his struggle with trauma and how the Church has failed to support survivors.
face2face October 30
Image Copyright: Jaren Hayman Barracuda Baby Productions. Used with permission.
Jaren Hayman and Garry James talk to David Peck about their controversial film exploring racism in what has been called one of the biggest trafficking hubs in the country.
Talking Radical Radio October 29
Image: Used with permission of Save Clinic 554.
Jessi Taylor talks about the campaign to Save Clinic 554, a practice that is a rare source of abortion services, trans care and specialized care for other marginalized populations in New Brunswick.
RadioLabour October 25
Image: Wikimedia - Damzow:/Flags Flying at UN Headquarters
RadioLabour Canada Report: Help needed for the millions hidden in global supply chains.
rabble radio October 24
Rachel Notley. Image: Connor Mah/Flickr
A new book explores the track records, and the rise and the fall of 10 women premiers in Canada, asking the question, "did they approach politics differently than men?"
face2face October 23
Image Copyright: Hearts and Bones Films, Spectrum Films, Lemac Films (Australia), Create NSW and Screen Australia. Used with permission.
Hugo Weaving, Bolude Watson, Ben Lawrence and Andrew Luri talk to Face2Face host David Peck about their new film about PTSD, the power of family and the responsibilities of journalists.