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Talking Radical Radio January 15
Natalie Drolet talks about the work of the Migrant Workers' Centre BC to support migrant workers and to fight for improvements to labour and immigration policy.
RadioLabour January 11
Introducing - RadioLabour Canada on welcomes long running international labour show RadioLabour to rabble podcasts. Enjoy the inaugural show!
face2face January 11
'The Good Girls' -  Mexico, Wealth, Oppression and Power
Alejandra Marquez Arbella, Ilse Salas and Face2Face host David Peck talk about Mexico, wealth, oppression and power, social inequalities and how the economic and the political affect the everyday.
rabble radio January 10
Community Radio in the internet age
Find out why more small towns are starting their own community radio stations in this conversation with Barry Rooke of the National Campus Community Radio Association
face2face January 9
The new film The Third Wife, sexual politics, gender bias and personal freedom.
Ash Mayfair and host David Peck talk about her new film "The Third Wife," sexual, historical and political context, choice and options, forced marriage and how the personal becomes universal.
Talking Radical Radio January 8
Land defence camp in Manitoba opposes the Line 3 tar sands pipeline
Geraldine McManus talks about the Spirit of the Buffalo Camp in rural Manitoba and about her opposition to the Line 3 tar sands pipeline.
rabble radio January 3
Farm in Guatemala near Chilmaltenango
The migration from Central America to the U.S. isn’t about people seeking the American dream. Robert Albro, cultural anthropologist, talks about an often overlooked factor -- climate change.
Talking Radical Radio January 2
Support and advocacy with migrant and immigrant sex workers
Alison Clancey and Jessi Taylor talk about SWAN Vancouver and its work doing support and advocacy with migrant and immigrant sex workers.
rabble radio December 20
ACT Alliance at COP 24
COP 24, the Annual UN Climate Change conference ended this weekend. Simon Chambers of the ACT Alliance shares his first hand experience as a civil society representative.
face2face December 20
Tuva Novotny and Pia Tjelta
Tuva Novotny & Pia Tjelta & Face2Face host David Peck talk about new film 'Blind Spot', shock and grief, parenting, PTSD and dealing with guilt, blame and responsibility.
Asia Pacific Currents December 19
Protesting Outside the Samsung Headquarters in South Korea
Samsung Electronics has resisted any calls to improve its workplaces but labour activists have recently won important gains.
Talking Radical Radio December 18
Organizing in small-town Nova Scotia to stop offshore drilling
Marilyn Keddy and Peter Puxley talk about the work of the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia to defend east coast fisheries and communities from the dangers of offshore oil and gas development.
face2face December 18
Tina Keeper, Don McKellar and Through Black Spruce
Tina Keeper, Don McKellar and Face2Face host David Peck talk about residential schools and family history, the responsibility of Canadians, our collective lack of understanding, stories and truth.
rabble radio December 13
Oil Tanker at Kinder Morgan Pipeline Terminal
Author and economist John Foster takes a broader look beyond the economics of oil and explores the petroleum-related reasons for government actions in Canada and the rest of the world.
face2face December 12
Camilla Strøm Henriksen - Phoenix
Filmmaker Camilla Strøm Henriksen talks to David Peck talk about childhood stories, neglect, mental health issues, and making better choices.
Asia Pacific Currents December 12
Chinese government increases pressure on workers
Sheung So of the Hong Kong based NGO Labour Education and Service Network talks about control of workers by the Chinese Communist Party.
Talking Radical Radio December 11
Voices - Tracking government erosion of democracy, participation, and dissent in Canada
Voices-Voix is a non-partisan coalition of Canadians and Canadian organizations that documents the erosion of democracy in Canada. Its founder Tim McSorley talks about the work the group does.
face2face December 11
'Endzeit' - a new film about the environment, collective guilt and social change
Carolina Hellsgård talks to Face2Face host David Peck talks about her new film, faith in humanity, collective guilt, environmentalism and why having a positive view of the apocalypse is important.
face2face December 6
Float Like A Butterfly
The beautiful new film "Float Like A Butterfly" is about family life, gender disparity, life as community, boxing as a metaphor, contradictions, laughter and the vicinity of truth.
face2face December 5
Image Copyright: Icelandic Film Company and Baldvin Z. Used with permission.
"Let Me Fall" is a beautiful and challenging new film about drug addiction, responsibility, life-changing moments, choice and why everything we do has a consequence that can affect others.
Talking Radical Radio December 4
Image: The image modified for use in this post is used with permission of Indigenous Land Defence Across Borders.
Terri Monture is a Mohawk woman of the Wolf Clan who lives in Toronto. Scott Neigh interviews her about the work of Indigenous Land Defence Across Borders.
Asia Pacific Currents December 4
Istanbul airport. Photo: Milan Suvajac/Wikimedia Commons
A labour activist at the Istanbul airport speaks out about the conditions facing workers and the recent events that saw hundreds of workers detained by the police.
Needs No Introduction November 29
'What is to Be Done?' - Brent Patterson talks talks to activists about navigating the current political moment
From his southwestern Ontario speaking tour, Brent Patterson talks about why it it's important to engage with the current political moment and keep being hopeful.
face2face November 29
Benjamin Gilmour and Sam Smith
Director Benjamin Gilmour and actor Sam Smith talk to David Peck about stereotypes, humanizing others, the absurdity of war, forgiveness, ethical codes, moral courage and suffering silence.
Talking Radical Radio November 27
A digital archive of feminist struggle in Canada
Alana Cattapan talks about Rise Up!, a digital archive of feminist activism in Canada from the 1970s through the 1990s.
face2face November 27
Ghost Fleet
A story about the illegal fishing industry in South East Asia, the environmental implications, slave labour, and rights-based activism.
rabble radio November 22
Indigenous workers in the BC Labour Movement - Rod Mickleburgh
Rod Mickleburgh, author of "On the Line - A History of the British Columbia Labour Movement," speaks to the Hospital Employees Union at their annual convention.
face2face November 21
The Elephant Queen
A story about a matriarch who will do everything in her power to protect her family. It’s about friendship & loss - a love letter to a species that could be gone from our planet in a generation.
Asia Pacific Currents November 20
Changes afoot in New Caledonia and Fiji
While the independence referendum and national elections confirmed the status quo, social changes are happening in both countries.
rabble radio November 15
2-15 Venezuela Colombia Migrant Crisis
Steve Ellner, professor of economic history and political science in Venezuela talks to Michael Welch about the factors behind the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that we’re not hearing.