Leyf Bonzom, an eight week old baby, started a hunger strike at noon today.  She will stay on a liquid diet for the next seven days as part of Week 61 of the rolling hunger strike aimed at re-establishing a national housing program in Canada.

At a press conference at W2 this morning, performance artist Emilio Rojas and Jamie Griffiths finishing their 7 day fast as part of Week 60.  Rojas spent much of the time in the window of Vivarium Gallery on the city’s west side.

The oldest participant thus far has been Sister Elizabeth Kelliher, an 85 year old social activist.  Bonzom now becomes the youngest ever participant in the hunger strike.  Leyf has committed to staying on a liquid diet for the week in order to pressure the federal government to enact a national housing program.

The BC Civil Liberties Association is monitoring the situation closely, but has yet to release a statement or make a public comment regarding the matter.

Am Johal

Am Johal

Am Johal is an independent Vancouver writer whose work has appeared in Seven Oaks Magazine, ZNet, Georgia Straight, Electronic Intifada, Arena Magazine, Inter Press Service,,