At 11am today, Occupy Toronto kicked off May Day activities at Toronto City Hall with a the Queen vs. the People chess game.

The chess game was the first event in a packed May Day schedule in Toronto.

Also scheduled is a 4pm May Day rally starting at Nathan Phillips Square. Under the banner “No Bosses, No Borders, No Broken Treaties!”, this will be followed by a march through the downtown core at 5pm.

With respect to First Nations struggles across the country, the march will be led by a contingent of Indigenous communities and their allies.

After the march which ends at Alexandra Park, a 9pm Occupy Toronto march will take people to the 24 hour re-occupation site.

Back to this morning’s chess game between the Queen of the 1 per cent and her minions and the 99 per cent. Here’s a link to a video I shot of the chess game and a photo essay of the game by David Coombs.

Here is a quick run down of a portion of the chess game.

Queen of the 1 per cent:

“This will be so easy, I can’t believe it.
Maybe I’m crazy. Clearly, you’re all lazy.
Don’t just stand and hover, I’m going to end this mother”
<Queen dictates to minion to move her pawn /D5>

Hippie Bishop of the 99 per cent:

“You’ll end this mother alright, Mother Earth!” 

[Hippie Bishop of the 99 per cent moves herself forward three spaces /F4, then address the Queen of the 1per cent]

“The best that we can do,
Is not to invest in your scheme,
You want to destroy the planet,
Own our life, and shatter our dreams.”

Queen of the 1 per cent:

“Chess is a man’s game of wits,
One of power and politics,
True, I am a woman,
But it’s a sham,
I’m only put here as a sacrificial lamb,
There’s no room of pleasantries
And made up Deities.”

Minion of 1 per cent
“I’m hoping for a raise,
So I will give you more praise,
Never have I seen someone play
Such a wise game.”

[Minion finally moves the Queen of the 1 per cent’s Bishop /F5]

[Fairy Queen of the 99 per cent moves a pawn herself and declares Check Mate /C7]

Fairy Queen of the 99 per cent:

“Check mate, it looks like we won the game.
We won fairly, bringing justice without shame.”

Queen of the 1 per cent:

“They can’t do that,
I want them thrown out of the game!
I’m used to getting my way
And everything staying the same!”


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