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Back in November 2011, Occupy Los Angeles called for a General Strike. While there were smaller general strike actions in California — including the Oakland “General Strike” of November 2, 2011 — the call was taken up by other U.S. cities for May 1, 2012.

Thus, the M1GS action was born.

If you’re wondering what to do if you can’t officially strike that day, here’s a good explanation from Ruth Fowler of Occupy LA, you can participate by, “By calling in sick to work. By school walk outs. And by disrupting the flow of Capital on Mayday. This isn’t that hard to do. Mayday is a big day for immigrants rights in LA. Marches happen all day long. People are used to taking the day off to march. It’s what you do on Mayday. And this Mayday will be no different.”

In fact, the call out for the May Day General Strike is: No work. No school. No banking. No trading. No shopping. No housework.

Here are some examples of Occupy May Day General Strike in the U.S.

Occupy New York:

Occupy Wall Street has been gearing up for the May Day General Strike, you can read about it here.

This morning, this communiqué from an anonymous source came across my desk.

May 1st Blockade Called For New York Bridges, Tunnels, and Ferries – Commuter Delays Expected


Fwd: NEW YORK – On May 1, 2012, autonomous direct action groups within Occupy Wall Street, as a part of the global mobilizations for general strike and economic non-compliance, will block one or more Manhattan-bound bridges or tunnels to protest the shameful opulence of the 1%.

Working and unemployed people across this country have seen no improvement to their lives in spite of all of the chatter about a recovery from the Financial Crisis of 2008. We don’t care what Obama or Romney say because only working people -domestic laborers, rank and file union members, undocumented workers, restaurant, retail and chain-store workers- can solve today’s problems.

Last fall, when Occupy Wall Street blocked the Brooklyn Bridge for several hours, we were acting within a long line of protest in New York City that stretches back to the so-called Fiscal Crisis of 1975, which much like now, was a bank led assault against working people.

In the summer of 1975, striking hospital employees, including doctors and nurses, blocked the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge was even blocked by thousands of laid-off police, the very people who act as the guard dogs of the 1%. More recently, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Holland Tunnel were shut down during protests of the shooting death of Sean Bell. But this May 1, we will create the biggest shut down the city of New York has ever seen.

We are announcing these blockades now as a fair warning to the rest of the working people of New York and New Jersey who are considering joining the strikes and mobilizations of the day: the city will be shut down, so enjoy the day without the 99%!

May Day Schedule

FWD: Note, this schedule is tentative. All times and locations are subject to (radical) change.
8 a.m. to 2 p.m. – Bryant Park
• Bryant Park will be the site of a fun and friendly “Pop-up Occupation”, featuring:
Free food, a free market, free services, skillshares, workshops, teach-ins, speak outs, public art, performances, discussions, and trainings.
• This will be a staging area for actions in midtown all day: creative disruptions, bank blockades, outreach to commuters and tourists, and more!

2 p.m. – March to Union Square
March and make music with the Occupy Guitarmy! OWS Music is enlisting 1000 guitar-playing musicians to join this march. [For more info: OWSMusicGroup at gmail dot com / @OWSMusicGroup /]

4 p.m. – Rally at Union Square
Solidarity rally with labor unions, the immigrant justice coalition, students, and faith & community groups: an historic convergence of the 99%.

5:30 p.m. – Solidarity march from Union Square to Wall Street

7 p.m. – March to staging area for evening actions TBA.

Occupy the Golden Gate Bridge:

Fwd Call Out:

Called for by the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition
Unite in solidarity with Golden Gate Bridge workers and the international call for a general strike on May Day by blockading the flow of capital to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District on the morning of May Day!

The following resolution was passed unanimously by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly on Sunday, April 15:

If any of the unions on the Golden Gate bridge declare a strike or shutdown action on May Day, we will act in solidarity with these striking workers and the international call for a general strike on May Day, by blockading the flow of capital to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. This will be accomplished by a collaboration of pickets and direct action which will shut down all modes of transportation from Marin to San Francisco.

Time: 7am
Location: Golden Gate Bridge SF Toll Plaza
Bus pickup locations:
6am 19th and Telegraph Oakland
6am Bradley Manning (Justin Herman) Plaza San Francisco

Endorsed by:
Occupy Oakland
Occupy SF
Occupy San Francisco Action Council
Jobs With Justice

More Info:
Email: [email protected]


Occupy LA:

Fwd: For May 1st, 2012 Occupy Los Angeles is organizing around a “4 Winds” People’s Power Car and Bike Caravan through the urban sprawl of Los Angeles that will culminate in Direct Action in and around the Financial District of downtown LA. People from all sectors of the city will have a chance to plug in to the routes from any corner of the city, helping to shut down the flow of capital while addressing the 99%’s major grievances.

The convergence point at 6th & Main streets, at 2:30 PM, will have the People’s Print Lab, the Welcome Tent, the Wellness Tent and will be focused on shining light on LA’s homeless issues, feeding the people of Skid Row and raising awareness of social and economic inequality, including the brutally ineffective Safer Cities Initiative that criminalizes the homeless population while doing absolutely nothing to change the systemic problems that make LA the homeless capital of the country. At 3 PM, we will mobilize direct actions in the financial district of downtown LA.


Occupy Boston:


Call in sick!
Turn off your alarm!
No work, no chores, no school!
Let’s show the world a day without the 99%!

In 1886, the right to an 8-hour work day was won…. and now, we continue the fight for the rights of all workers, all people, all communities!

Stop attacks on workers!
Stop detention and deportations!
Stop racial profiling!
Stop police brutality!
Money for jobs, education, and transportation… not war!
Keep education public!
End corporate rule…. AND RETURN POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

Events for the day:

7am – Financial District Block Party
*corner of Federal and Franklin
*we’ll have breakfast!
*we’ll have music!
*get your morning started with a celebration for the 99%!
*more info:

11am – March from Block Party to City Hall Plaza

11am – Anti-Capitalist March to City Hall Plaza
*meet at Copley Sq.

NOON – Boston May Day Coalition Rally!
*meet at City Hall Plaza
*there will be speakers, music, screen printing!

And New Streets, Maverick Square
*rally begins at noon
*march to Everett leaves at 2:30pm
*hop on the Blue Line after City Hall Plaza to Maverick!
*MORE INFO for East Boston/Chelsea/Everett: or

Noon-2pm – Chelsea, City Hall
*if you can’t make it into Boston, check out the event in Chelsea!
*500 Broadway, at Hawthorne Street
*march to Everett leaves at 2pm

4pm – Everett, Glendale Park
*Ferry and Elm Streets
*Mass gathering and rally!
*Fun for the whole family!
*Fight for the rights of all!

7pm – May Day “Death of Capitalism” Funeral Procession
*meet at Copley Square
*procession will begin at 8pm
*come in costume!
*arrive early for face painting!
*mourners (dress in black)
*celebrators (wearing neon/bright colors/glow stuff)
*skeleton block (bring your own skeleton costume)
*more info:


Occupy Miami:

Tuesday 1 May 2012,
12:00 noon start
323 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL

Fwd: On May 1st, we want to show the government that we are the ones that they need. We want to show them that “We the people” hold more power than they do. Let us break free of our government operated treadmills and take our life back into our hands. So on May Day as this day is known by, let us not shop, not work, not go to school, and let us not bank. Show them that this is our world.

May Day has been traditionally a day celebrated for workers which has had major contribution to your 8 hour work days. However, here in the United States and especially in the southern region this celebration has failed to be recognized.

So on “May Day” show that both you and I and the rest of this city have the courage to stand up and celebrate!

May Day rally in support of Education:
Thursday, March 1st
4:30pm- 6:00pm
Teachers, Students, and Parents will be speaking on the state of and their hopes for education in Miami and beyond…



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