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Today teachers and parents in British Columbia have been sharing photos of their own kids on social media using the hashtag #thisismystrikepay.

The trend was started originally by Kate Coglan who posted a photo of her 11-month old daughter Isla.

Not only is Coglan a parent, she’s also is the wife and daughter of B.C. teachers and wrote about the possible strike on her blog The Little Farmhouse.

The idea was quickly picked up by other B.C. teachers and parents including Tobey Steeves who is a high-school teacher in Vancouver and active with the BC Federation of Teachers. Steeves posted a photo of himself holding his infant son Fergus using the #thisismystrikepay hashtag and started messaging and emailing other teachers about it.

Steeves told via Twitter “I read the hashtag as: ‘Teachers in BC are willing to strike without pay. Here’s what they’re fighting for.'”

It quickly took off and soon dozens of teachers and parents were posting photos of their kids using the #thisismystrikepay hashtag.

Watch teachers and parents post to #thisismystrikepay live:

Mick Sweetman

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