If you haven’t heard the best of rabble 2013 edition is out and you can order a copy for $10.00 + $2.95 shipping/handling ($12.95 or e-mail bestofrabble [@]rabble.ca for more information)! This pocket size book features writing from Judy Rebick, Maher Arar, Pam Palmater, Karl Nerenberg, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Murray Dobbin, Priya Sarin, Nora Loreto and more!

But why order it when you can come on out in Toronto and Vancouver for a book launch and pick it up then? In Toronto join rabble staff and contributors on Wednesday June 19 (details here); in Vancouver join us on Thursday June 20 (details here).

Perhaps the best way to get the book is to receive it as our “thanks,” knowing that you made our community based media site stronger. If you support rabble at $5/month you receive a free print magazine as our “thank-you” gift. You can pick from great titles like Canadian Dimension, Our Times , Adbusters, and The New Internationalist. If you give at least $8/month we will also send you Best of rabble.ca, 2013 edition. You can do that right now (we still hope you will come to our launch parties, where you can also become a supporting member).

We hope to see you at our events picking up (or receiving a copy) of the best of rabble 2013!