We are at E-minus 45 in the longest election campaign in Canada’s history. The Conservatives have their war chest full and their friends in corporate media who unabashedly repeat lies about Harper’s “positive economic record,” or that the economic news is “good.” And that is just the tip of the deceptions.

I want to let you know that rabble is doing more than we’ve ever done before to make this election result in change. Together with progressive allies, we’re fact-checking this election right now using out our latest tool: the truthiness meter. We need you to chip in just a few dollars to keep rabble’s truthiness meter running throughout the election. If you want the truth to have its day in this election make a donation right now.

Truthiness is a funny word pulled straight out of comedian Stephen Colbert’s keister that means embracing the absurd without any regard for the truth. The word may have started as a joke but truthiness is real and it is dangerous. Politicians and media pundits are masters of truthiness and this election has brought out the worst of what the word entails. So far blind conviction has trumped hard information and truthiness is having its way with all of us.

We’ve got our own master of verity at the helm: author Nora Loreto is fact checking the election every day of the week. Based in Quebec City, Nora is the author of From Demonized to OrganizedBuilding the New Union Movement and is the editor of the rabble series Up! Canadian Labour Rising. Nora is also editor with the Canadian Association of Labour Media. Whether it’s a Harpvasion, a Mulcop-out, a Trudeauception, or a Mayquivocation, Nora is on the case and you’ll want to read what she has to say.

This is our biggest and most ambitious election coverage to date and we need you to help keep us reporting the truth for the rest of us. With an extra-long election we need your support more than ever. If you like what you see chip in a few dollars now to keep our truthiness meter running.

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PS: Be sure to read all of our fact checking here and if you want more check out all our coverage on our 2015 federal election page.

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Kim Elliott

Publisher Kim spent her first 16 years on a working family farm in Quebec. Her first memories of rabble rousing are of strike lines, promptly followed by Litton’s closure of the small town...