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For two years, with the help of rabble readers, we have sent award-winning journalist Karl Nerenberg to Parliament to get you the stories you won’t find elsewhere. For two years in a row Karl has produced over 60 stories in each Parliamentary session, and he is eager to get out some great stories when Harper finally decides to get put back to work. Your support puts Karl on Parl!

As MP Charlie Angus put it, “Karl Nerenberg has emerged as one of the real bright thinkers on Ottawa politics. You won’t read this analysis in the mainstream media.”

When other media were focused almost exclusively on expense claims in the Senate scandal(s), Karl was writing about how Harper’s appointments themselves were likely unconstitutional. When other media write about immigrants or refugees it is often around a scandal. Karl writes about the structures and systems of government policy that are cruel and oppressive. We need Parliamentary reporting for the rest of us!

Stephen Knowles, parliamentary procedure and process expert, put it well when he said, “Karl is a superb researcher, analyst and communicator on issues of national importance. Bringing rigorous research skills and over 40 years of experience to support his astute observations of social and political issues in Canada, Karl’s passionate devotion to his journalistic calling makes him one of Canada’s foremost and respected commentators.”

We need extra (crowd-funded) support to put Karl on Parl. The good news is that he is a proven success! Can you make it happen with a donation of $10, $25, $50, $200, right now? Our goal to raise from the community is $8,000 for this year’s coverage.

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