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“If we are serious about democracy, we will need to reform the media system structurally… this reform will have to be part of a broader movement to democratize all the core institutions of society.” ~Robert McChesney

Canada Day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on freedom and democracy. Who has what freedoms and why? How can Canada become more democratic, more representative? How do we promote democratic change?

Tough questions, but one clear response to that last question is through a strong, interactive, independent media – media not owned, controlled or heavily influenced by the State; media not owned, controlled or heavily influenced by for-profit corporations.

What Canada needs is community media; media by and about communities fighting for change. What Canada needs is What needs is you.

Be a patriot for independent media and join the community of people supporting Our goal is 500 new members ($5/month) during our membership drive, which ends in just a few days.

The good news is that we’re not simply calling for your support; we also have a fantastic “thank you” gift to offer.

Become a member and you can select a great free print magazine subscription as our thanks. What can you choose from? Adbusters, Alberta Views, Briarpatch, Canadian Dimension, Geist, Middle East Report, New Internationalist, Shameless, This Magazine, and Our Times. If you contribute at least $8/month we will also give you our new collection, Best of 2011.

PLUS! You can win a subscription to one of these great magazines!  Today, share a Canada Day message on Twitter about why you support rabble, or retweet rabble’s membership drive tweets and you can win.

We are giving away two free subscriptions: one in a draw from those who RT our stuff on Canada Day, and the other to the person whose tweet about rabble’s membership drives gets the most direct retweets (we’ll draw if it’s a tie).

So, once more, here’s the link to our membership sign-up page:

Thanks and enjoy the day!