In light of — or should I say so we don’t forget the mistakes of Chernobyl and Fukushima — I thought Canadians might be interested in knowing different federal parties stance on nuclear energy.

A big green-friendly thanks to Angela and the Ontario Clean Air Alliance for compiling this information.

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NDP, Bloc and Greens oppose taxpayer subsidies for new Ontario nukes.

Ignatieff doesn’t endorse federal subsidies for Darlington.

The NDP, the Bloc Quebecois, and the Green Party of Canada are all opposed to making Canadian taxpayers subsidize the construction of new nuclear reactors in Ontario according to a survey released by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA).

For its part, the Liberal Party responded that “When Mr. Harper decided to privatize AECL he placed restrictions on AECL that prohibit it from seeking out new commercial contracts so that the corporation can generate new business to survive without resorting to taxpayer dollars… We will lift the commercial contract restrictions on AECL so that it can generate new business and stay afloat without the help of taxpayers’ money.”

The Conservative Party did not respond to the OCAA’s questionnaire.

According to NDP Leader Jack Layton, “New Democrats advocate ending public subsidies for nuclear energy industry.  New Democrats believe in halting nuclear expansion and upgrading the safety and security of current nuclear energy and waste management facilities… While there may be a need for government support for nuclear research New Democrats does [sic] not see the need for government subsidies of a mature industry just as we oppose subsidies for the tar sand [sic].”

According to the Green Party, it “does not support nuclear power because it is neither safe, nor clean, nor economical.”

According to the Bloc Quebecois, it “is opposed to the federal government supporting this energy system in any way.  Furthermore, we believe that nuclear waste should be managed locally.  We do not want Quebec to bear the costs of Ontario’s energy choices.”

To view the political parties full responses to the OCAA questionnaire please visit:

It doesn’t make sense for taxpayers in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax to subsidize the construction of new nuclear reactors for Ontario since our electricity needs can be met at a lower cost and more safely through a combination of energy conservation and efficiency, Made-in-Ontario green energy, water power imports from Quebec and natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants.

Be sure your federal candidates know what you think about nuclear subsidies.


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