The feisty and often contentious NDP leadership race is over and Canada has a new leader of the Official Opposition. Thomas Mulcair, elected on the fourth ballot, is the man the NDP membership voted to lead the party into the future and, hopefully, into forming the next federal government.

Babble,’s energetic discussion forum, accumulated some 147 leadership threads, containing passionate discussions, rants, cheers and screams for each contributor’s favoured candidate. It got messy, heated, and was highly informative and not a little amusing.

The end of the NDP convention has now spawned a whole spate of post-convention threads, where lively discussion continues. Here are some readers may find interesting:

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and last but not least, The last and definitive NDP leadership thread (#147?)

So curl up in your cosiest computer chair with your favourite beverage, learn a bit, laugh a bit, and have a good read!