With more candidates joining the race to become the new leader of the federal New Democrats, rabble’s online discussion forum, babble, continues to be an essential contributor to the debate.

No fewer than 17 threads have run on babble since the campaign started a month ago.

Paul Dewar and Martin Singh joined the race on Sunday, Romeo Saganash campaigned in Thunder Bay, and Brian Topp added Shirley Douglas to his list of high-profile supporters which already included NDP deputy leader Libby Davies and former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow. On Friday, BC MP Nathan Cullen joined the race.

Who do you think deserves to pick up the legacy of the late NDP leader Jack Layton? Who would be the best Leader of the Opposition to take on the Harper government?


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Paul Dewar launches campaign in Ottawa, October 2. Photo: flickr/rabbleca

Nathan Cullen website

Brian Topp secures MP Libby Davies support at a press conference on Sept 30, 2011 Photo: flickr/rabbleca

Martin Singh (campaign photo)

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