It’s almost the weekend, rabblers! Here’s what to read with your coffee on Saturday morning (or afternoon…)

Ethan Cox sits down with Quebec Green Party leader Claude Sabourin. Bonus: how not to serve iced tea.

No fair. A quarter of Canadian direct investment oversees went to tax havens in 2011, says Toby Sanger (and Stats Can).

Is it OK to ask a man to switch seats on an airplane so he’s not sitting next to unaccompanied minors? Megan Murphy discusses.

John Bonnar blogs about homelessness in Toronto and the weirdness of not letting homeless people into a Daily Bread Food Bank fundraiser.

You need to read the excerpt from Conservative advisor Tom Flanagan’s book included in Keith Reynolds’ blog from Wednesday. It’s crazy.

And lastly, details are important. Elections Canada needs a better definition for ‘induce,’ argues Democracy Watch.