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Charles McVety, the so-called “evangelical leader” who delivered unto Doug Ford a social conservative Christian base, is less about loving and ministering to the poor and disadvantaged and more about promoting fear, hate and discrimination.

This is a guy whose television show got booted off the airwaves in 2010 by the industry’s own regulatory body the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) — i.e. not the government — after it received complaints about “discriminatory comments on the basis of sexual orientation, religion and mental disability.”

The CBSC Panel, which dismissed the charges of discrimination against the disabled and Muslims, did determine that McVety was out of line when his program suggested that LGBTIQs prey on children: “McVety may not like homosexuality. That is his entitlement, but to leave the totally unsubstantiated impression that gay and lesbian adults have a predilection toward young, underage people is insidious and unacceptable. In all, the Panel finds the McVety mis-characterizations as excessive, inappropriate, disparaging, and abusive […].”

The Panel also found McVety’s show grossly distorted facts, violating the Full, Fair and Proper Presentation Clause of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Code of Ethics. For example, the good reverend claimed that “speaking out” against homosexuality is now a “crime” in Canada, which the CBSB labeled “an inaccurate statement regarding the hate speech provisions of the Criminal Code.”

This is also the guy who, as senior director of the Defend Marriage Coalition, fought against same sex marriage as well as, surprise surprise, the province’s Health and Physical Education curriculum, a.k.a. sex ed. Press Progress has his number here.

As he told the National Post in 2009: “This is part of a militant homosexual agenda to normalize homosexuality in everyone’s mind and thereby promote homosexuality… If we teach our children these things… guess what? That’s what they’ll practise.”

I think it would be fair comment to say that McVety is a little over-preoccupied with the “homosexual agenda,” wouldn’t you?

But that’s not all. McVety fights against fighting climate change because, supposedly, we all would end up worshiping the earth, i.e. practising satanism — or something like that.

And don’t get me started on his role with CUFI — Christians United for Israel — of which he is Canadian national chairman. CUFI is the John Hagee-led “mission” that raises millions to support the illegal settlements in occupied Palestine.

His Canada Christian College has also hosted Islamophobic rallies and Ezra Levant’s gatherings of nice white people .

I Googled like crazy, but I fail to find any mention of McVety advocating for social justice, affordable housing, a livable wage, workers’ rights and all the other things Jesus himself would probably be agitating for today. You know, that “Love thy neighbour” or “Do unto others” stuff that might actually help people.

Oh, wait. I did find this.

Again, this is the fellow who helped to anoint Ford who is promising the poor a buck a beer but not a way to feed their children. Cheaper gas prices don’t help those can’t afford cars and who desperately need better public transit.

Which is why I wanted to bring your attention to this letter signed by 250 United Church Leaders,  people who know the true meaning of Christianity, calling on Ford not to abandon the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized as he charges ahead making “efficiencies.” He’s already cancelled millions in funding for green initiatives as well as much-needed school repairs, both of which will lead to the loss of who-knows-how-many jobs while condemning kids to broil in hot classrooms that could benefit from more energy-efficient cooling, windows and insulation.

I have to commend the UC leaders for their exceedingly polite and genteel appeal. I know I wouldn’t have been a tenth that civilized.

And I don’t have to be. So fuck you, Ford.

Oh, and on the subject of religious leaders who are on the right side of social justice, check out this letter from 33 Canadian Rabbis asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to rescind the Safe Third Country Agreement between the U.S. and Canada reached during the — oh, you don’t say — Harper government years. Simply stated, the rule prevents refugees from coming into Canada via the U.S. because both countries are considered safe. Therefore, migrants fleeing war, murderous regimes, persecution and other violence ought to declare asylum in whichever country they land in first. The Rabbis want to see that go.

“Our own Jewish people’s history instructs us of the necessity to find safe refuge in times of turmoil and lethal threat,” the letter reads. “Our people’s spiritual legacy teaches us that we must not stand idly by the blood of our sisters and brothers, regardless of where they are from.”

Meanwhile, Doug Ford thinks refugees are a burden, at least to the extent he understands the system.

No doubt he’s learning at the feet of the good Reverend McVety who may not exactly preach anti-Muslim hate himself while inviting others — come on down Pam Geller — into his house who do.

But Ford, unlike Harper, who found McVety useful but kept him under control, is too dumb to know when he’s the one being used.

UPDATE: My friend Lindsay Stewart procured a PDF of the satanic, homosexual agenda-pushing Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum, the one Doug Ford hath smited, which I have linked to below.

This is the official curriculum. Be careful. Reading it will send you straight to Hell. health1to8


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