Like us, you are no doubt excited that change is in the air. With the Alberta NDP ousting a conservative dynasty that lasted nearly a half century, a federal win for progressives is finally within our reach.


With the backing of the most powerful and wealthiest in the country the current government will stop at nothing to cling to power. Just look at the recent provincial election in Alberta. Every corporate-owned major daily newspaper endorsed former premier Jim Prentice. The Globe and Mail and the other corporate media endorsed Harper in the last elections and they’ll do it again.

This federal election can be different. This time we can stop Harper and company. This time we can win Canada back from the Conservatives. But we need your help.

Join our #WIN2015 campaign today.

Another term of Harper means more attacks on the environment, more attacks on democracy, more attacks on workers, more attacks on Indigenous peoples, more attacks on the most vulnerable — even more attacks on other countries.

You can change all of this by supporting rabble’s #WIN2015 campaign. You can chip in right now at rabble.ca/donate.


rabble.ca is in its 14th year as Canada’s most visited progressive independent media. We reach more than half a million readers in Canada a month! rabble.ca ensures that progressive news and issues are covered extensively and that information not covered by corporate media is free and accessible to the general public, regardless of ability to pay. We believe in the power and importance of independent media in elections.

All of our work has happened because of your support. Because of reader donations we have done the work of covering progressive ideas and views ignored by corporate media. But when elections come around, we have to work harder to counter the millions of dollars spent misleading and undermining the democratic process. This election, we’ve got big plans to make sure that progressives like you and me can organize, inspire, and win the next election. Here is our plan for this vital election. We call it #WIN2015.

rabble.ca will get out the vote!

We’ve already started bringing together progressive organizations with election organizing and training sessions, public discussions, and consultations. With your support, rabble is going to do its part to make sure that voter turnout is high. 

With your support rabble.ca will:

  • Produce positive election content from all regions, focused on personal stories that help new and skeptical voters engage in the election process.
  • Help organizers and volunteers access online organizing tools specifically designed for elections through rabble’s Activist Toolkit.
  • Focus on the key ridings to watch, analyze platforms and give voters helpful advice showing where the parties stand on the issues that matter to them.
  • Work with our partners in labour and in social movements to amplify existing campaigns to get out the vote.

Your support will get out the vote. 

rabble.ca will fact-check the federal election!

Facts, to borrow a phrase, are too often the first casualty of elections. This election is likely to see record levels of deception, spin, and double-speak but we have designs on honest discourse.

With your support rabble will:

  • Hire an election fact-checker to unspin the spinmasters by providing an election roundup of what corporate media gets wrong.
  • Provide a daily news roundup and daily election bulletin that covers all of the press conferences, party platforms, and promises.
  • Email and social media election alerts for any and all breaking news.

Your support will keep the facts rising to the surface.

rabble.ca will focus on the issues!

This election, instead of having elites decide who and what we should all be talking about, you can support our independent and award-winning journalists, columnists, bloggers, podcasters and more who truly provide news for the rest of us.

With your support rabble will:

  • Have its award-winning Parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg provide full election coverage.
  • Invite regional guest columnists, bloggers, and others to make regular contributions on the labour, environmental, Indigenous, and other political issues ignored by corporate media.

Your support will strengthen progressive voices.




Will you join us to #WIN2015? We need to start now to make victory possible. Your donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $1,000 or more is important to the outcome of the election, the survival of the rabble media project, and the health of independent media in Canada.

Support us with a donation of $25 or more and you will be entered into a draw to win dinner in Ottawa and a private tour of Parliament when the new Parliamentary session resumes with award-winning journalist and rabble’s Parliamentary correspondent, Karl Nerenberg

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We have hundreds of thousands of visitors reading and sharing millions of pages every month and we thank you for being one of them. But we can’t continue to be Canada’s most visited alternative news site and implement our bold election-winning strategy without you. Together we can win this time. 

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Kim Elliott, publisher of rabble.ca         

Duncan Cameron, president of rabble.ca


P.S.: Your investment in rabble is critical. Support us with a donation of $25 or more and you could win dinner and a personalized tour of the Parliament with our award-winning journalist and rabble’s Parliamentary correspondent, Karl Nerenberg! You can make a donation right now at rabble.ca/donate.


Kim Elliott

Publisher Kim spent her first 16 years on a working family farm in Quebec. Her first memories of rabble rousing are of strike lines, promptly followed by Litton’s closure of the small town...