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Who says life doesn’t give you second chances? Wasn’t us. Here at we extended our amazing “thank you” gift offer of a free magazine subscription until Friday, July 13th. That’s right, Friday the 13th, no triskaidekaphobia for us. What we are afraid of is bad politics and the corporate media that pushes it.

You can join the fight for independent media by becoming a member of right now (5$/month) and still enjoy even more independent media through a subscription to a great magazine. You can choose from: Adbusters, Alberta Views, Briarpatch, Canadian Dimension, Geist, Middle East Report, New Internationalist, Our Times, Shameless, This Magazine, and Watershed Sentinel. If you contribute at least $8/month we will also give you the Best of 2011

We want to reduce barriers to information and media. This is why doesn’t charge to visit the site, or put up paywalls like other media. Therefore we depend on support from visitors who share our belief in the need for “news for the rest of us”. Our goal for this membership drive was to have 500 new members, but we haven’t made it yet. Help put us over the top! Once you have done that please tell a friend!  Thanks and happy reading!